Technical Note

A Comparison of Fully Porous C18 Reversed Phase HPLC Columns Technical Note

Comparison of fully porous C18 reversed phase HPLC columns


The most commonly used LC reversed-phase alkyl bonded stationary phase is octadecyl carbon chain (C18)-bonded silica, which is denoted as USP classification L1. C18 columns have a broad applicability from pharmaceuticals to food and environmental analyses. However, not all C18 columns are alike. Simply swapping a C18 column from one manufacturer to another can result in differences in retention time, resolution and even selectivity. Differences can arise due to variations in hydrophobicity, silanol activity, packing quality, particle size distribution, and silica purity, to name a few.

This technical note provides details of a comparative study between twenty-four silica-based C18 phases, from a number of manufacturers covering the following areas:

  • Relative Hydrophobicity Study
  • Efficiencies for a Neutral Compound
  • Evaluation of Silanol Activity