Case Study

Transforming Data into Decisions via the TIBCO Spotfire® Platform


With an explosion of data being generated both in R&D and in Commercial operations, global organizations are considering an enterprise-wide data strategy to transform information into data driven insights and decisions.

The challenge is to hone in on a solution that can fulfill the global data strategy while addressing needs of ALL the business units which create, store, manage, analyze, report on and ultimately drive decisions based on a variety of data types.

This case study describes how a multinational agrochemical company was able to transform data into decisions, bring about a major cultural shift towards better data management practices and make real time decisions based on powerful data visualization technology, from R&D to commercial business operations.

Learn how:

  1. A multinational agrochemical company transformed data into decisions
  2. Achieve a major cultural shift in the way they moved products through their pipeline
  3. Real time data access can transform productivity