Case Study

Enhancing Productivity with a Collaboration Solution


Fit-for-Business Informatics in Agrochemicals: Case Study

Learn about:

  1. The link between data optimization and the ability to compete against the dominant business players in the agrochemicals arena
  2. Evaluation parameters used to identify fit-for-purpose ELN and analytics solutions to serve management and end users
  3. Success measures driving improved lab productivity when seeking new active ingredient classes

UK-based Redag Crop Protection is an organization dedicated to the discovery of novel agrochemicals. For Redag, successfully growing its niche in pursuing original manufacturer patents to find innovative molecule designs meant that it needed to activate an informatics solution that enabled faster access to critical scientific and business information.

Read how Redag was able to drive lab productivity and accelerate time-to-discovery for their scientists with PerkinElmer's informatics platform featuring the E-Notebook lab notebook, ChemDraw® and TIBCO Spotfire®.