DA 6200 Meat Brochure


It’s critical that processors and producers of meat products are able to monitor and control fat, moisture, protein, and other key nutritional parameters. With near infrared (NIR) technology, you can achieve multiconstituent results in seconds rather than hours, as with traditional chemical analysis methods. Our DA 6200 NIR meat analyzer gives you the ability to analyze any time, with real time results so producers of ground meats, sausages, separated poultry, and other meat products can reduce product variations while improving profitability and quality. The DA 6200 meat analyzer can help improve profit, quality, and consistency in all types of meat production. You can analyze fat, moisture, protein, and more – quickly, easily, and accurately – or use it to verify incoming meats, in-process blends, and finished products. And with its on the- spot analysis capability, you can run your plant more efficiently.