Application Note

Fast Kinetic Calcium Flux Imaging Using the Opera Phenix Plus High-Content Screening System


Dysregulation of GPCR signaling, particularly calcium signaling, has been implicated in different diseases, e.g. cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. Currently about 34% of all FDA approved drugs target GPCRs indicating their importance for drug discovery, and in vitro cellular GPCR assays are important tools to identify new drugs.

Our application note describes how to analyze fast changes in intracellular calcium levels upon GPCR stimulation and inhibition using a fluorescence imaging assay on the Opera Phenix® Plus high-content screening system.

  • Measure fast kinetic assays using the onboard liquid handling module with tip-based pipettor
  • Track changes with high temporal resolution through acquisition at frame rates of up to 100 frames per second
  • Analyze agonist- and antagonist-dependent changes in calcium concentration with single cell resolution