Application Note

Alpha Technology: A Fast and Sensitive Orthogonal Approach to Cell-based Potency Assays


Orthogonal systems to cell-based assays are a key requirement in EMA/FDA guidelines for potency estimations and require cross-validation with complementary approaches to prove and strengthen the reliability of results.

In this application note published in collaboration with IBR Inc., you will learn:

  • Why Alpha technology represents an ideal cell-free orthogonal system for potency assays
  • How AlphaLISA® assays can be used to determine Bevacizumab/VEGF165 potency
  • An example of how to run an AlphaLISA potency assay and the type of data that can be generated
  • Why it is suitable for assessing lot-to-lot consistency and equivalence of Bevacizumab and biosimilars