Application Note

AlphaLISA Automation - Use of the JANUS Automated Workstation to Automate AlphaLISA Assays


Immunoassays are a mainstay for the quantification of a variety of biomolecular analytes in drug discovery, drug development, and life sciences research. AlphaLISA® proves advantageous to ELISAs, offering a novel, homogenous immunoassay technology that eliminates wash steps. Using the JANUS® Automated Workstation in combination with AlphaLISA provides a solution to easily preparing assays that can be tailored to the needs of the laboratory. Moreover, the JANUS workstation can be easily set-up to process different assay types in a multi-user, multi-assay environment, thus providing a flexible automation solution.

In this application note, we demonstrate the performance of the JANUS Workstation in automating four AlphaLISA cytokine assays: IL1b, TNFa, IL17, IFNg.