Application Note

AlphaLISA Human IL-6 Kit Can Quantify Pyrogens in Monocyte Activation Tests


Pyrogens are substances that cause fever in humans and animals. They can be endogenous or exogenous. One of the characteristics of endogenous pyrogens is their ability to induce cytokine production (IL-1ß, IL-6, IL-8, and TNFa) by the body's immune system. The detection of these pyrogens in pharmaceutical products is an essential regulatory requirement to ensure product quality and patient safety.

In recent years, the Monocyte Activation Test (MAT) has become the most attractive and relevant method for humans. This method enables the detection and quantification of substances with a pyrogenic effect, i.e. those causing a febrile response, and does not require the use of animals.

This application note demonstrates the usefulness of the AlphaLISA® IL-6 kit for the quantification of pyrogens and the ease of use of a homogeneous, wash-free assay with low sample volumes.