Application Note

Measuring Host Cell Protein Contamination in Recombinant Therapeutic Protein Production by DELFIA TRF as an Alternative to ELISA


Along with the expression of the protein of interest, host cells release additional proteins (Host Cell Proteins, HCPs) into the supernatant which must be removed from drug products because they pose a risk of affecting drug quality, safety and efficacy.

The potential immunogenicity of biologics due to HCP contamination is a large risk, hence the need for accurate measurement to track the reduction of HCPs throughout the manufacturing process.

In this application note, you will learn:

  • Why DELFIA® TRF assay technology is well suited for measuring HCPs through the biologics manufacturing process
  • How to run a host cell protein assay from an example assay to detect Chinese Hamster Ovary (CHO) HCPs
  • Benefits DELFIA can provide over traditional ELISAs, saving costs and potentially limited sample amounts
  • Comparison data between an ELISA and DELFIA assay