Application Note

Culture and Quality Control of Human iPSC-Derived Cells Using an Automated High Throughput Approach


High throughput screening (HTS) in iPSC (induced pluripotent stem cells)-derived neuronal cell types with the intent to identify novel therapeutic compounds for neurodegenerative diseases has the potential to transform the way drug discovery is performed. But the use of neuronal stem cells for screening campaigns has unique challenges, as they require long-term cultivation. With increasing cultivation times, the risk of cell contamination and clustering also increases. These factors have significant impact on assay performance and are important to detect early as they can quickly become cost-prohibitive for HTS campaigns.

Learn how our EnSight® multimode plate reader can mitigate these risks by providing live cell imaging analysis and quality control testing as Evotec and PerkinElmer have jointly developed an automation platform for generating iPSC-derived cultures at industrial scale.