Application Note

Cell Labeling and Tracking In Vivo Using VivoTrack™ NIR Fluorescent Dye

NIR Fluorescent Cell Labeling


Fluorescent dyes have been used for many years to label cells for microscopy studies, and a variety of dyes in the visible fluorescence spectrum are available to label different cellular compartments and organelles. Efficient delivery of the fluorophore to the cell without excessively modifying surface proteins or perturbing cell function is the major biotechnological challenge.

VivoTrack is a NIR fluorescent dye with a long aliphatic tail to facilitate insertion into the lipid bilayer of the cell. With high solubility, reactivity, and excellent stability, VivoTrack dye offers superior brightness ideal for detection and longitudinal cell tracking in vivo across many applications including inflammation, immunology, and stem cell research.

This application note highlights the benefits of using VivoTrack NIR fluorescent dye in your in vivo imaging studies:

  • Track stem cells, T cells, macrophages and many other cell types longitudinally in vivo
  • Water soluble - no need for harsh organics such as DMSO or ethanol, chemicals known to affect cell function.
  • Homogeneous cell staining with no impact on cell viability
  • Optimized for in vivo use with PerkinElmer’s IVIS® optical imaging platform