Application Note

Paeoniflorin Analysis in Paeoniae Radix Alba by LC-UV


Paeoniae radix alba, also known by its Chinese phonetic name as Baishao, is a Traditional Chinese Medicine herbal plant used to treat inflammatory disorders. Paeoniflorin, the major active component extracted from Paeoniae radix alba, offers proven efficacy against gynecological disorders, pain, and hyperactivity of liver-yang, among other disorders.

To aid manufacturers in their quality control programs and protect consumers, Chinese Pharmacopoeia (2020 Edition) has finalized a method with the specification that paeoniflorin is not less than 1.6% in the herbal plant on a dry basis. In this work, quantification of paeoniflorin in herbal plants is performed using a PerkinElmer LC 300 HPLC/UHPLC system, Epic™ polar column, and SimplicityChrom™ software.