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PerkinElmer's Signals Notebook Free Trial FAQs

PerkinElmer's Signals Notebook Free Trial FAQs

What is required for my organization to set up a trial of Signals Notebook?

  • Register & provide information according to trial registration link. Note the person registering will be the "trial administrator" for your site and will manage all of the other users
  • Confirm you have the correct hardware/software on your side to support the pilot. Here are recommendations. See this link for system requirements.

What happens next after I have registered for my trial?

  • Once the trial is set up the trial administrator will be notified via email that they need to activate the trial.
  • After activation the trial administrator will receive instructions on how to add users to the system.
  • Once the trial administrators add the users, each user will receive instructions on how to login in to Signals Notebook. Systems are set up with 5 users.

Will I need to install anything?

  • Signals Notebook is a cloud-based application running in standard browsers (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and Safari). For the ChemDraw web application Java Runtime environment 1.7+ may be required. Please refer to the Hardware/Software guide for additional information.

Is there training available which can help us get started using Signals Notebook?

  • To get started you will find a Quick Start Guide as well as a Signals Notebook User Guide. These are accessible by clicking on the arrow at the top of the user interface next to your user profile name (right top of interface)
  • Training videos will be available within the Signals Notebook application.
  • Additional videos will be available via YouTube.

Is my data secure in Signals Notebook?

  • Protecting the security and confidentiality of customer data is paramount to PerkinElmer. You can find detailed information including cloud security, data security, data backup and more in our Signals Notebook Security document.

How can I get technical support during my trial?

  • First there is an online user manual for Signals Notebook available. This is available via the Help functionality when you login to Signals Notebook.
  • If you require further help on functionality, you will also find some training videos within the application.
  • If you require additional assistance you can contact our support group.

How long will my trial last?

  • 30 days

How often is Signals Notebook updated?

  • Signals Notebook is typically updated one to two times per month. You can find information on what has been added in the "What's New" section linked to your Signals Notebook.

During updates is Signals Notebook offline and unavailable for use?

  • Signals Notebook updates are prescheduled, and users will be notified in advance. They are scheduled to minimize business impact.

At the completion of the trial, what will happen to our data & user environment?

  • This is considered a trial instance. At the completion of the trial your Signals Notebook login will be disabled. Prior to the end of your trial, you can print your data in PDF format or export in the original format of the data. (MS Office, ChemDraw, etc.)