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What's New in Volocity 6.3

This is a description of the major changes in Volocity 6.3 and contains some guidance for users upgrading from a recent, previous version. For a full list of all the changes in Volocity 6.3 please see the release notes. For information on how to use Volocity see the Volocity User Guide or Help within the application.

Volocity (All Products)

File Format Support

Volocity now supports the Nikon .nd2 file format on Macintosh computers. This format was previously only available on Windows installations.

Carl Zeiss .czi files are supported on both Mac and Windows.

Volocity 6.3 exports OME-TIFF files compatible with the 2012-06 schema as published by the Open Microscopy Environment. Import has also been verified against this schema.


Export using the TIFF format is consolidated. Where previously "TIFF", "TIFF for Publication" or "Multiple TIFF" were listed separately there is now just one TIFF export option.

volocity export

"One file with multiple images" will create one multi-layered TIFF file with a layer for each image. This was previously performed using the export "as TIFF" option.

"Multiple files with one image per file" is the option to select to make single TIFF files for each image. This was previously performed using the export "as multiple TIFF" option.

Either single or multiple TIFFs may now be created as TIFFs for publication by checking "Convert to RGB for publication".

Tooltip for long channel names

Space in the channel controls area of the Volocity interface is limited. Long channel names can be truncated when displayed here. To see the full channel name in a tooltip, hold the cursor over the channel name in the control.

volocity tooltip

Image Sequence from Selection

To quickly make an image sequence from images that are already in the Volocity library use the new Image Sequence from Selection" command under the Actions…" menu. Select the images required and the command from the menu.

Volocity Acquisition

Support has been added for the following hardware in UltraVIEW systems:

  • Olympus IX83 microscope
  • Olympus ZDC 3 autofocus device with IX83 microscope
  • Hamamatsu Flash 4.0 v2 camera
  • Hamamatsu C9100-23b camera

See the Volocity Supported Hardware List for more information on these devices and their support within Volocity Acquisition.

A small change has been made to laser power sliders allowing finer control of power settings.

For details of all changes in Volocity 6.3 please see the release notes