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In Vivo Imaging Software Downloads

PerkinElmer has led the way for over 25 years with powerful Software for its in vivo imaging systems. Use the links below to quickly find your software solution download. Then, to download and run your software:

  • Right click on the link to the file and choose "Save Target As" and save the zip file to your desktop.
  • Find the files on your system.
  • If the file is in a "zip" format double click the zip file and choose "unzip" and select a location on your computer to save the files.
  • Double click the "setup" file.
  • Follow the wizard through the setup process.




Living Image Software (IVIS Imaging Systems)

Living Image 4.7.2*

Setup FilesUser GuidesRelease Notes
Windows x86 (32-bit)
Windows x64 (64-bit)
Installation & Licensing Guide (PDF)
4.7.0 Release Notes (PDF)
4.7.1 Release Notes (PDF)
4.7.2 Release Notes (PDF)

Living Image 4.5.5* (IVIS SpectrumCT Only)

Setup FilesUser GuidesRelease Notes
Windows x64 (64-bit)Installation & Licensing Guide (PDF)
4.5 Release Notes (PDF)
4.5.1 Release Notes (PDF)
4.5.2 Release Notes (PDF)
4.5.4 Release Notes (PDF)
4.5.5 Release Notes (PDF)

Living Image 3.2

Setup FilesUser GuidesRelease Notes
Windows x86 (32-bit)
Installation & Licensing Guide (PDF)
ReadMe (text)
3.2 Release Notes (PDF)


*Notice to IVIS 200 & IVIS Spectrum users: Additional configuration is required when updating to LI 4.5 or later from LI 4.3.1 or earlier. Please contact your local support group before installing this update. If you wish to upgrade your existing instrument controllers to Windows 10, please contact your local support group.

Note on Licensing: LI 4.7 is an update to the LI 4 series and will work with all licensed 4.X seats. LI 4.X is an upgrade from LI 3.x version and previous versions will be uninstalled. To run LI 4.X, a new license is required. If any LI 4.X versions are installed without a LI 4.X license, the software will work for 30 days as an evaluation copy. LI 4.X must be run as a local administrator on Windows to enable the evaluation license and many other features. To purchase an LI 4.X license, please contact the customer support team.



Quantum FX & GX microCT Software

Quantum Database and Viewer (FX & GX)

Setup FilesUser GuidesRelease Notes
RigakuSW.04Apr2011.zipQuantum FX uCT User Manual
Rev0A Quantum FX uCT System Manual
Quantum FX uCT Quick Start Guide

AccuCT Advanced Analysis Software

Setup FilesUser GuidesRelease Notes
AccuCT_Setup.zipAccuCT User ManualAccuCT Release Notes




TrueQuant 3D Software (FMT Imaging Systems)

TrueQuant 3.1.3 Update

Setup FilesUser GuidesRelease Notes
Windows x86 (32-bit)*
Windows x64 (64-bit) *
 Release Notes

TrueQuant 3.1 Agent List Updater

Setup FilesUser GuidesRelease Notes
Windows x86 (32-bit) **
Windows x64 (64-bit) **
 Release Notes


* Can be used for upgrades from TrueQuant 3.x, but not for new installations.

** For use with TrueQuant 3.1 only.