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Scientific laboratories are constantly redeploying instrumentation and consolidating resources, steps that frequently entail moving some instruments or even entire labs. The complexity of instruments, regulatory requirements and the need to address lab workloads during a move demands exacting processes to safely move lab equipment. Whether you're moving to another building or another continent, OneSource Relocation Services can do it all: pre-move testing, equipment labeling, dismantling and packing, documentation and support, recommissioning and setup, qualification and protocol development, multivendor management, inventory checks, IT validation, and regulatory compliance.

OneSource Relocation services employ only experienced, single-source project managers and logistics professionals dedicated to relocation services for multivendor labs, regardless of project size. Whatever your lab's footprint, we deliver full turnkey, end-to-end solutions. And wherever your lab is going, we can help you lessen administrative costs and burden, reduce risk, bolster performance, and streamline communications – around the globe.

Dedicated Project Management
Broad experience handling all types of multivendor equipment
Pre-move planning
Pre-move equipment maintenance
Transportation and physical relocation
Post-move set up services

Our unique holistic approach starts with assigning a dedicated, experienced project manager who:

  • Evaluates the big picture to identify all steps involved.
  • Provides solutions that will ensure a successful relocation that’s within budget and meets timeline goals.
  • Develops a customized, fully integrated service plan based on your specific needs.
  • Manages resources and coordinates services, including pre-move inventory assessment, expert packing and handling of all types of equipment and materials, on-site post-move recommissioning set up and IT support.
  • Continuously monitors the project from start to finish to quickly identify and address potential risks that could cause delays With 10 plus years of experience in worldwide laboratory relocation, you can rely on OneSource to get the job done.