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Transcription Factors

Transcriptional regulation of genes comprises a multistep process. It starts with the activation of one or more transcription factors in the cell cytoplasm, movement of the transcription factor(s) into the nucleus, and binding to its associated DNA consensus sequence, which initiates the transcription of specific genes. This plays an important role in regulating inflammatory and autoimmune responses, cell proliferation and apoptosis.

Activation of transcription factors can be monitored by imaging as a translocation from the cytoplasm to the nucleus using antibodies for the transcription factors or fluorescent protein tags.

Transcription factors assay
Nuclear translocation of NFkB. Color overlay of the nuclear stain image (Hoechst 33342, blue channel) and labeled NFKB antibody (green channel).

Our Transciption Factors Solutions

Drawing on many years of experience and in-depth knowledge, PerkinElmer offers solutions for every throughput, a starting point for typical cell migration assays and unlimited possibilities for customization:

Opera Phenix™ High Content Screening System

  • For high-throughput, phenotypic screening and assays involving complex disease models
  • Extremely sensitive confocal imaging and simultaneous acquisition - with minimal crosstalk

Operetta® Compact High Content Screening System

  • High speed with large field of view and large cell number captured with every image
  • Ready-made image analysis sequences for nuclear translocation and documentation on how to customize
  • Unlimited possibilities for adding parameters and modifying readout

Acapella® Image Analysis Software

  • Image analysis sequences for nuclear translocation
  • Unlimited possibilities for adding parameters and modifying readout

Columbus™ High Volume Data Management and Analysis System

  • Enterprise level data management from assay development to high throughput screening seamlessly linking high content data, research data, in vivo imaging data, result management, screening statistics, biological and chemical data

cell::explorer™ Automated High Content Screening System

  • Full environmental control and workstation with hand-over of plates from imager to incubator for short-term and long-term live cell assays
  • Scalable and fully automated workstation including compound handling, reagent addition, incubation, cell fixation and staining

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