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Cellular Imaging & Analysis

To deepen the understanding of disease processes and accelerate the research that ultimately improves human health, PerkinElmer provides a range of solutions for high content imaging and analysis, and phenotypic screening of live cells, 3D cell models, stem cells.

Gain more information from cellular samples with fully automated imaging and unbiased quantitative image analysis which exploits the full potential of microscopy, improving your lab’s throughput and productivity.

Get more meaningful results from screening more physiologically relevant systems than in classical biochemical assays.

Answer more questions simultaneously with multi-parametric data sets that are more information-rich compared to non-imaging read-outs.


HCS Solutions

Read about our high-content imaging systems, including the new Operetta CLS, and complementary products.



HCS Technologies

See what the technologies behind our market-leading products can do for you.


hcs applications

HCS Applications

Discover how our high-content screening solutions can benefit your applications.


hcs research areas

HCS Research Areas

Learn about the benefits of HCA in many of today’s top research and therapeutic areas.



HCS Assays

Take a look at how high-content assays can be used to study a wide range of cellular events.


hcs resources

HCS Resources

Delve into our resource library, for application notes, case studies and online training resources.

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