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Featured Customer Labs

Read how scientists around the globe are using our high-content screening products and services to advance their research.


Dr Diego Medina, Telethon Institute of Genetics and Medicine (TIGEM), Pozzuoli, Italy

The Telethon Foundation supports high level research focused on rare genetic diseases in Italy. The mission of the organization is to develop effective treatments for rare diseases which rarely receive substantial investment from either the public or private sector...

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Flinders University

Dr. Amanda Aloia and Dr. Michael Michael, Cell Screening Laboratory, Flinders Centre for Innovation in Cancer, South Australia

The Flinders University School of Medicine in South Australia is known for its world-class research facilities. Among them is the Cell Screen SA (CeSSA) laboratory, established in 2016 for drug discovery and functional genomics. The facility houses automated liquid handling, high-content imaging, and measurement of fluorescence- and luminescence-based assays...

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Cancer Research UK

Dr. Steve Bagley, Cancer Research UK, Manchester Institute, The University of Manchester, UK

Steve Bagley is the Head of Imaging & Cytometry at the Cancer Research UK, Manchester Institute, The University of Manchester. The Imaging and Cytometry Facility’s remit is to provide state of the art tools for both the fundamental and translational study of cancer (from molecular interactions in primary cells through...

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Dr. Chris Bakal, Chester Beatty Laboratories, Institute of Cancer Research (ICR), London, UK

Dr. Chris Bakal is a Team Leader at the Chester Beatty Laboratories within the Institute of Cancer Research (ICR) in London, UK. The Bakal laboratory studies the signaling networks that control cell and organelle shape in the context of health and disease. To explore these networks, the group...

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Professor Xiaodong Wang, Dr. Feng Shao and Dr. Xiaochen Wang, National Institute of Biological Sciences (NIBS), Beijing, China

The National Institute of Biological Sciences (NIBS), Beijing, recently became the owners of the 100th Opera® High Content Screening System to be installed across the globe. Founded in 2003 as part of a strategic government initiative to advance the frontiers of basic life science research in China, NIBS...

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european screeningport

Dr. Sheraz Gul, European Screening Port, Hamburg, Germany

The European Screening Port (ESP) is a public-private partnership which works for academic institutions to create and operate drug discovery programs that address novel therapeutic targets. The key competency of the ESP lies in early stage (target-to-lead) small molecule discovery, using a screening approach. The aim of the facility is to accelerate...

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ucd dublin

Professor Jeremy Simpson, University College Dublin (UCD), Ireland

Jeremy Simpson is a Professor of Cell Biology at University College Dublin (UCD), Ireland, and a Fellow of the Conway Institute of Biomolecular and Biomedical Research at UCD. His research interests are the organisation and regulation of eukaryotic membrane traffic pathways. Jeremy is also responsible for the UCD Cell Screening...

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Dr. Emma Shanks and Dr. Lynn McGarry, The Beatson Institute for Cancer Research, Glasgow, UK

In recent years, RNAi has become an increasingly powerful research tool and the introduction of siRNA screening libraries, targeted at the genomes of different species, has allowed real insight into previously unknown interactions. The RNAi Screening Facility at the Beatson Institute for Cancer Research in Glasgow, UK, aims to facilitate...

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screening technology group

Dr. Jonathan Cechetto, Screening Technology Platforms Group, Institut Pasteur, Korea

The Institut Pasteur Korea (IP-Korea) in Pangyo, Korea, is a translational research institute that uses a technology-based approach for small molecule therapeutic development. Inaugurated in 2004, IP-Korea is a member of the prestigious Institut Pasteur International Network, and is supported by funding from the...

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Dr. Mikkel W. Pedersen, Dr. Klaus Koefoed and Dr. Magnus Strandh, Symphogen A/S, Denmark

Symphogen is a Danish-based biotech company focused on developing new antibody therapeutics against infectious disease and cancer by combining two or more recombinant antibodies in their drugs leads. The Opera User Group at Symphogen is responsible for conducting primary screening and characterization of antibody leads...

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