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Solid Scintillant Alternative - Meltilex

MeltiLex® is a solid scintillant alternative to liquid scintillation cocktails for filtermat samples. MeltiLex® is a unique melt-on scintillator for dry on support counting for use with Filtermats.

  • MeltiLex A – suited for FilterMat A (1450-421, GF/C). GF/C filters are thin, and typically used for whole cell assays such as 3H-thymidine incorporation assays).
  • MeltiLex B – suited for FilterMat B (1450-521, GF/B). GF/B filters are typically used in cell-membrane based assays, such as receptor-ligand binding assays.

The filtermat-plus-cocktail combination provides the best possible tritium counting efficiency. In a thymidine uptake experiment, the relative counting efficiencies of filtermat with MeltiLex and HARVEST Plate with cocktail are 53% and 68%, respectively. Both methods exhibited similar consistencies in count rate and therefore harvesting efficacy. Results from the two dilution series also showed excellent correlation.