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Microplates and Consumables for Next Generation Sequencing


PerkinElmer has assembled a portfolio of high quality NGS consumables needed to run sample preparation workflows for standard reagent platforms. These consumables have been engineered specifically for NGS applications and are made with the highest quality plastics available.

PerkinElmer’s NGS microplate consumables complement our total solution for Next Generation Sequencing which includes our Sciclone® G3 NGSx and JANUS® G3 NGS Express workstations as well as our Zephyr® G3 liquid handling platform.


Microplates and Consumables for Next Generation Sequencing

ProductDescriptionWell NumberCase ofPart Number
MicroplatesHardShell PCR plate, blue96506008870
Deep-well storage plate, clear, polypropylene, U-shaped well961006008900
Deep-well storage plate, clear, polypropylene, V-shaped well961006008880
StorPlate, V-shaped well96506008290
ReservoirsDeep-well reservoir, polypropylene, V-shaped well, 21 mL-256008700
Deep-well reservoir, polypropylene, V-shaped well, 73 mL-256008710


Plate Seals

PerkinElmer offers a variety of plate seals. TopSeal™ is a range of plate seals that are applied to the top surface of the plate, and are used to prevent evaporation or radioactive contamination during assay incubation steps and/or plate reading measurements. TopSeal-A can be left on the plate during luminescent, AlphaScreen®, AlphaLISA®, and radiometric measurements. TopSeal plate seals have spectral properties that may interfere with other types of assay measurements (absorbance assays, colorimetric assays, fluorescence assays). For these types of assays, you should compare the plate measurement with and without a TopSeal plate seal to test for interference. BackSeal plate seals are plate seals that are applied to the bottom of the plate. BackSeal plate seals can be used to seal the bottom of a filter plate prior to the addition of scintillation cocktail, preventing leakage. BackSeal plate seals can also be used to change a clear-bottom plate into a white- or black-bottom plate in order to reduce cross-talk during top-reading measurements.

ProductType of SealPlate FormatNumber of SealsCatalog Number
TopSeal-A Clear adhesive sealAll100



Clear adhensive seal, for 24-well plates24-well100



Black adhesive seal




TopSeal-BAdhensive seal for PCR platesAll100


TopSeal-SHeat seal for polystyrene plates 96-well100 6050192


BackSeal White adhesive seal96-, 384-well556005199


Black adhesive seal96-, 384-well556005189


Custom Plate Services at PerkinElmer

PerkinElmer offers custom microplates services, including:

  • Bulk ordering
  • Fast and flexible plate barcoding
  • Biological plate coating including – poly-D-lysin, collagen, streptavidin, and antibody coating
  • Custom treatments including – tissue-culture, high protein binding and low protein binding
  • Customer sterilization

PerkinElmer also offers special packing and other microplate coatings and treatments. If you are interested in custom plate services, please contact our custom service teams:OnPointSM Custom Microplates Services