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LANCE Products and Catalog Numbers

Donor fluorophores

Please use LANCE® Europium reagents. DELFIA® Europium reagents will not work in TR-FRET assays.

ProductSizeCatalog number
LANCE Eu-anti-6X His antibody  10 µgAD0205
50 µgAD0110
1 mgAD0111
LANCE Eu-anti-c-myc antibody  10 µgAD0206
50 µgAD0114
1 mgAD0115
LANCE Eu-anti-FITC antibody  10 µgAD0270
50 µgAD0271
1 mgAD0272
LANCE Eu-anti-FLAG antibody  10 µgAD0273
50 µgAD0274
1 mgAD0275
LANCE Eu-anti-HA antibody 50 µgAD0084
1 mgAD0085
LANCE Eu-anti-GST antibody  10 µgAD0252
50 µgAD0253
1 mgAD0254
LANCE Eu-anti-V5 antibody  10 µgAD0276
50 µgAD0277
1 mgAD0278
LANCE Eu Protein G  10 µgAD0211
50 µgAD0070
1 mgAD0071
LANCE Eu-anti-human IgG10 µgAD0212
50 µgAD0074
1 mgAD0075
LANCE Eu-anti-mouse IgG 50 µgAD0076
1 mgAD0077
LANCE Eu-anti-rabbit IgG 50 µgAD0082
1 mgAD0083
LANCE Eu-biotin10 nmolesCR91-100
LANCE Eu-W1024-streptavidin 50 µgAD0062
1 mgAD0063
LANCE Eu-W8044-streptavidin 50 µgAD0060
1 mgAD0061
LANCE Eu-W1024-ITC labeling reagent 100 µgAD0096
1 mgAD0013
LANCE Eu-W1284-iodoacetamide labeling reagent 100 µgAD0107
1 mgAD0014
LANCE Eu-W8044-DTA labeling reagent1 mgAD0020


Acceptor fluorophores

ProductSizeCatalog number
ULight™-streptavidin  1 nmoleTRF0102-D
10 nmolesTRF0102-M
100 nmolesTRF0102-R
ULight anti-His antibody  1 nmoleTRF0105-D
10 nmolesTRF0105-M
100 nmolesTRF0105-R
ULight™-anti-c-myc0.2 nmoleTRF504D
2 nmolesTRF504M
20 nmolesTRF504R
ULight™-anti-FITC0.2 nmoleTRF503D
2 nmolesTRF503M
20 nmolesTRF503R
ULight™-anti-FLAG1 nmoleTRF0059D
10 nmolesTRF0059M
100 nmolesTRF0059R
ULight anti-GST antibody  1 nmoleTRF0104-D
10 nmolesTRF0104-M
100 nmolesTRF0104-R
ULight™-anti-V50.2 nmoleTRF505D
2 nmolesTRF505M
20 nmolesTRF505R
ULight anti-human IgG antibody  0.2 nmoleTRF500D
2 nmolesTRF500M
20 nmolesTRF500R
ULight anti-mouse IgG antibody  0.2 nmoleTRF501D
2 nmolesTRF501M
20 nmolesTRF501R
ULight anti-rabbit IgG antibody  0.2 nmoleTRF502D
2 nmolesTRF502M
20 nmolesTRF502R
ULight Protein A 1 nmoleTRF0103-D
10 nmolesTRF0103-M
SureLight™ APC-streptavidin for kinase 1 mgCR130-100
50 mgCR130-150
SureLight™ APC-streptavidin for binding assays 1 mgAD0201
30 mgAD0202
SureLight™ APC anti-FLAG1 mgAD0059F
SureLight™ APC anti-GST1 mgAD0059G
SureLight™ APC anti-6x His1 mgAD0059H
SureLight™ APC anti-mouse IgG1 mgAD0059M
SureLight™ APC anti-rabbit IgG1 mgAD0059R


Generic donor fluorophores for kinase assays

ProductSizeCatalog number
LANCE Eu-antiphosphotyrosine PT66 50 µgAD0068
1 mgAD0069
LANCE Eu-antiphosphotyrosine P-Tyr-100  10 µgAD0203
50 µgAD0161
1 mgAD0162
LANCE Eu-antiphosphotyrosine PY20 50 µgAD0066
1 mgAD0067
LANCE Eu-antiphosphothreonine10 µgAD0094
LANCE Eu-antiphospho-threonine-proline10 µgAD0099
LANCE Eu-anti-phospho-serine/threonine-phenylalanine antibody10 µgAD0178
LANCE Eu-anti-phospho-serine/threonine -proline antibody10 µgAD0180
LANCE Eu-anti-phospho-PKA substrate antibody10 µgAD0182
LANCE Eu-anti-phospho-Akt substrate antibody10 µgAD0184
LANCE Eu-anti-phospho-serine substrate antibody10 µgAD0186
LANCE Eu-anti-phospho-(Ser) PKC substrate antibody10 µgAD0188
LANCE Eu-anti-phospho-(Ser) 14-3-3 binding motif antibody10 µgAD0190
LANCE Eu-anti-phospho-(Ser) 14-3-3 binding motif 4E2 antibody10 µg AD0192


Donor fluorophores for epigenetic and other post-translational modification assays

ProductSizeCatalog number
LANCE Eu-anti-H3K9Ac antibody 10 µgTRF0400-D
100 µgTRF0400-M
LANCE Eu-anti-H3K27ac antibody 10 µgTRF0405-D
100 µgTRF0405-M
LANCE Eu-anti-H3K4 (unmodified/bare) antibody 10 µgTRF0404-D
100 µgTRF0404-M
LANCE Eu-anti-H3K4Me1-2 antibody 10 µgTRF0402-D
100 µgTRF0402-M
LANCE Eu-anti-H3K9Me2 antibody 10 µgTRF0403-D
100 µgTRF0403-M
LANCE Eu-anti-H3K27Me2-1 antibody 10 µgTRF0406-D
100 µgTRF0406-M
LANCE Eu-anti-H3K27Me3 antibody 10 µgTRF0407-D
100 µgTRF0407-M
LANCE Eu-anti-H3K36Me2 antibody 10 µgTRF0408-D
100 µgTRF0408-M
LANCE Eu-anti-p53K382Ac antibody 10 µgTRF0409-D
100 µgTRF0409-M
LANCE Eu-anti-H3K9/K27 (unmodified)10 µgTRF0411-D
100 µgTRF0411-M
LANCE Eu-anti-H4Kac (pan)10 µgTRF0412-D
100 µgTRF0412-M
LANCE Eu-anti-O-linked GlcNAc10 µgTRF0413-D
100 µgTRF0413-M
LANCE Eu-anti-H4R3me10 µgTRF0414-D
100 µgTRF0414-M
LANCE Eu-anti-H3/H4Rme (pan)10 µgTRF0415-D
100 µgTRF0415-M


LANCE® Ultra kinase assay ULight-substrates and matching Europium anti-phospho antibodies

View a listing of our ULight-dye labeled peptide substrates for kinases.

LANCE kits

ProductSizeCatalog number
LANCE Ultra cAMP kit  1,000 assays (in 384-well format)TRF0262
10,000 assays (in 384-well format)TRF0263
50,000 assays (in 384-well format)TRF0264
LANCE cAMP kit   500 assays (in 384-well format)AD0262
1,000 assays (in 384-well format)AD0262E
10,000 assays (in 384-well format)AD0263
50,000 assays (in 384-well format)AD0264
LANCE Ultra KinaSelect™ kit for Ser/Thr kinases5 x 100 assays (in 384-well format)TRF0300-C
LANCE Ultra KinaSelect kit for Tyr kinases1,000 assays (in 384-well format)TRF0301-D


Buffers and Solutions

ProductCatalog numberSize
10X LANCE Detection buffer (not for use in LANCE cAMP assays)CR97-100250 mL
10X Ultra HiBlock BufferTRF1011C10 mL
10X LANCE Assay BufferTRFLAB100100 mL
7.5% BSA solutionCR84-10050 mL



Click here to go to our Microplate Selector Tool.

Well formatPlate typeColorNumber of platesCatalog number
96   OptiPlate™   White 506005290
Black 506005270
96 1/2 AreaPlate White 506005560
384   OptiPlate   White 506007290
Black 506007270
384   Shallow ProxiPlate™   White 506008280
Black 506008260
1536   OptiPlate   White 506004290
Black 506004270



ProductPiecesCatalog number
TopSeal™-A, clear adhesive seal for microplates1006050185


Custom labeling and custom assay development services at PerkinElmer

PerkinElmer offers custom labeling services as well as custom assay development. If you are interested in having your biomolecule custom-labeled, or in custom assay development, please contact our custom teams:

ON>POINT® Custom Labeling and Conjugation Services

ON>POINT® Custom Assay Development Services