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LANCE Indirect 4-Component Kinase Assays


The LANCE® indirect assay uses an unlabeled anti-phospho antibody with a Europium-labeled secondary antibody. This allows you to use your own unlabeled anti-phospho antibody with one of our catalog Eu-labeled secondary antibodies.

LANCE TR-FRET 4-component kinase assay.

What do I need to run this assay?

Required reagents available from PerkinElmer:

  • LANCE Europium-labeled reagent to bind anti-phospho antibody (alternatively, you can Label your own LANCE reagent)
  • Acceptor fluorophore-labeled reagent to bind substrate
  • Microplate (we recommend our white OptiPlates™)
  • TopSeal™-A adhesive plate seal
  • 10X LANCE Detection buffer

Required reagents available from various suppliers:

  • Kinase
  • Kinase buffer suitable for you kinase (we do not recommend phosphate-based buffers)
  • Tagged substrate
  • Anti-phospho antibody
  • ATP
  • EDTA to stop kinase reaction


  • A TRF-capable plate reader


Products and catalog numbers

View a listing of relevant reagents (with catalog numbers) for LANCE assays.


Application notes and references for LANCE indirect kinase assays

Application note for an indirect-format LANCE kinase assay

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