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Vascular in vivo agents on the ASK

Vascular and physiologic agents are a range of highly fluorescent in vivo imaging molecules that remain highly stable and localized in the anatomy for various periods of time to enable imaging of disease physiology, vasculature, vascular permeability and angiogenesis.

Products (List of agents)


Near-infrared dye-labeled macromolecule for imaging of vascularity, perfusion and vascular permeability. Remains localized in vasculature for 0-4 hours and accumulates in tumors and arthritic joints at 24 hours.


Near-infrared dye-labeled nanopaticles for imaging of vascularity, perfusion and vascular permeability with a long pharmacokinetic profile.


Near-infrared, fluorescently-labeled macromolecule that may be used to monitor the effects of disease or drugs on gastric motility and or gastric emptying. It may also be used as an anatomical marker for the gastrointestinal tract.


This is a small molecule fluorescence agent and is used as a control or in vascular permeability imaging.


Small molecule fluorescence agent for imaging of vascularity, perfusion and vascular permeability with a short pharmacokinetic profile. This agent binds to albumin in blood for extended (30m-1h) circulation.