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Activatable imaging agents on the ASK

Activatable agents are optically silent upon injection but are activated in vivo through cleavage by specific protease biomarkers of disease. Benefits include biologically specific readouts and high signal-to-noise at the target biology. The FAST platform represents the next generation of agents.  Using a novel small molecule design, the FAST agents offer improved specificity, accelerated activation profiles and earlier imaging timepoints.



The following is a list of our activatable agents, click on agent subpage for more information.


Fluorescent imaging agent for selective imaging of cathepsin B proteinases (Cat B).  Optically silent in the unactivated state, becoming highly fluorescent when activated.


Fluorescent agent for imaging of cathepsin K in oncology applications involving metastasis to the bone as well as a broad range of bone applications including bone loss, tumor-induced osteolyis and bone changes following arthritis.


Fluorescent agent for imaging of MMP (metalloproteinase) activity, which is involved involved in many disease-related phenomena including cancer propagation, invasion and metastasis, rheumatoid arthritis and areas of cardiovascular disease.

Neutrophil Elastase

Fluorescent neutrophil elastase-activatable agent that is optically silent upon injection and produces fluorescent signal after cleavage by elastase produced by neutrophil cells.

ProSense® and ProSense FAST

Versatile imaging of changes in cathepsin-based protease activity as seen in a number of pathological states and disease-related events including rheumatoid arthritis, cancer, atherosclerosis, angiogenesis and cardiovascular disease.


Fluorescent imaging reagent that detects and quantifies PSA enzymatic activity at sites of prostate tumor growth.


Fluorescent agent for imaging of renin-angiotensin pathway associated with hypertension, kidney and cardiovascular disease.