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Transferrin-Vivo 750 on the ASK


Transferrin-Vivo™ 750 is a near infrared (NIR) targeted fluorescent imaging agent, where recombinant transferrin is conjugated to VivoTag dye, designed to bind to transferrin receptors (TfRs) expressed in cancer cells.Because of rapid cell division and stringent demand for iron (for heme synthesis), many cancer cell types overexpress TfRs. It has been used as a targeting agent for cancer cells. In addition, TfR accumulates in locals of inflammation due to the leakage of plasma proteins and to the expression of TfR receptors by inflammatory cells. During inflammation monocytes leave the blood and differentiate into macrophages at the extravascular tissues, macrophages express surface Tf receptors.

Products and catalog numbers

ProductCatalog NumberEx/Em wavelength (nm)Molecular weight (g/mol)Validated ExperimentsApplications
Transferrin-Vivo 750NEV10091750 ex/770 em106,000In vivo/ex vivo
In vitro

Using Transferrin-Vivo 750 in vivo/ex vivo

View instructions on setting up an in vivo mouse experiment with Transferrin-Vivo 750and imaging on an IVIS or FMT system.

Route of InjectionMouse Dose (25 g)Rat Dose (250 g)Blood t 1/2Tissue t 1/2Optimal imaging timeOptimal Re-injection Time (complete clearance)Route of Metabolism/ background tissueFMT & IVIS settings
IV2 nmol6-20 nmol10 h24 h24 (6-24) h96 hLiver, kidneyFMT 750/770
IVIS 745/800

Frozen Tissue Protocol

We have validated Transferrin-Vivo 750 for use with frozen tissue samples. Here is a brief protocol with a recommended concentration of agent to use:

  1. Freeze tumor (without agent) and section 5-10 µm by cryostat.
  2. Incubate with 10 µM Transferrin-Vivo 750 at RT for 1 hour.
  3. Wash 1x with PBS.
  4. Mount with anti-fade reagent.
  5. Fluorescence microscopy filter: Cy5.5 or Cy7*

Using Transferrin-Vivo 750 in vitro

Flow cytometry and in vitro microscopy

We have validated Transferrin-Vivo 750 for use with fluorescence microscopes and flow cytometers. Here is a brief protocol with a recommended concentration of agent to use:

  1. Culture cells in standard TC plate or chamber slide.
  2. Incubate cells with 1 µM Transferrin-Vivo 750 for 1 hour at 37 °C.
  3. Wash 1x with PBS. For flow cytometry, detach and resuspend cells in PBS.
  4. Flow cytometry filter settings: 712/21
    Fluorescence micrsocopy filter: Cy5.5 or Cy7*


Please visit our Citations Library for references using Transferrin-Vivo 750 on the IVIS or on the FMT.