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Targeted in vivo agents on the ASK

Products (List of agents)

2-DG probe

NIR targeted probe for non-invasive imaging of glucose uptake of tumors in vivo.


In vivo targeting of membrane-bound phosphatidylserine exposed during the early stages of apoptosis.


Fast-clearing, targeted probe which binds to negatively charged lipids on the bacterial cell membrane, enabling the monitoring of infection progression in real time.

Bacterial Detection Probe

NIR targeted probe for non-invasive detection of bacterial infections in vivo.


NIR targeted probe specific to bombesin receptors, which are expressed in many types of cancers.

COX-2 probe

Imaging probe that specifically detects cyclooxygenase-2 (COX-2), produced in early-stage cancer cells.


Highly specific and sensitive in detection of Folate Receptor protein.  Can be used to closely monitor and quantitate tumor growth and metabolism.

GFR-Vivo Agent

Near infrared (NIR) fluorescent-labeled form of inulin. Enables assessment of Glomerular filtration rate (GFR) by measurement of the rate of disappearance of labeled inulin from the blood.


Fluorescent imaging agent that detects the tumor cell surface expression of carbonic anhydrase 9 (CA IX) protein, which increases in hypoxic regions within many tumors, especially in cervical, colorectal, non-small cell lung tumors.


Potent antagonist targeting integrin αγβ3, expressed in oncology, atherosclerosis and angiogensis disease models.  Small molecule fluorochrome to label target ligand.  


Fluorescent in vivo bisphosphonate imaging agent that targets areas of micro-calcifications and bone remodeling and enables imaging of bone growth and resorption.


Near-infrared dye-labeled macromolecule that targets the vasculature and enables imaging of blood vessels and angiogenesis.


Near infrared (NIR) targeted fluorescent imaging agent consisting of recombinant transferrin conjugated to VivoTag dye, designed to bind to transferrin receptors expressed in cancer cells.