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DELFIA products and catalog numbers


DELFIA® labeled proteins and antibodies

ProductSizeCatalog number
Eu anti-GST antibody50 µgAD0250
1 mgAD0251
Eu anti-HA antibody50 µgAD0054
1 mgAD0053
Eu anti-6x His antibody50 µgAD0108
1 mgAD0109
Eu anti-c-myc antibody50 µgAD0112
1 mgAD0113
Eu anti-human IgG100 µg1244-330
Eu anti-mouse IgG50 µgAD0124
1 mgAD0207
Eu anti-rabbit antibody200 µgAD0105
1 mgAD0106
Eu-streptavidin250 µg1244-360
Tb-streptavidin50 µgAD0047
1 mgAD0048
Sm-streptavidin50 µgAD0049
1 mgAD0050


DELFIA anti-phospho antibodies

ProductSizeCatalog number
Eu anti-phosphotyrosine PY2050 µgAD0038
1 mgAD0039
Eu anti-phosphotyrosine PT6650 µgAD0040
1 mgAD0041
Eu anti-phosphotyrosine P-Tyr-10050 µgAD0159
1 mgAD0160
Eu anti-phosphothreonine10 µgAD0092
Eu anti-phosphoserine10 µgAD0185
Eu anti-phospho-Ser 14-3-3 motif10 µgAD0189


DELFIA labeling reagents

Please see our page on DELFIA labeling for more information on each chelate.

ProductAmount of chelateCatalog number
DELFIA® Europium labeling kit (Eu-N1-ITC chelate)0.2 mg1244-302
Eu-N1-ITC chelate1 mg1244-301
20 mgAD0001
Eu-N1-iodoacetamide chelate1 mgAD0002
Eu-N1-amino chelate1 mgAD0003
Eu-N1-DTA chelate1 mgAD0004
Eu-DTPA-ITC chelate1 mgAD0021
Eu-DTPA-iodoacetamide chelate1 mgAD0022
Eu-DTPA-amino chelate1 mgAD0023
Eu-DTPA-DTA chelate1 mgAD0024
DELFIA Samarium labeling kit (Sm-N1-ITC chelate)0.2 mg1244-303
Sm-N1-ITC chelate1 mgAD0005
Sm-N1-iodoacetamide chelate1 mgAD0006
Sm-N1-DTA chelate1 mgAD0008
Tb-N1-ITC chelate1 mgAD0009
Tb-N1-iodoacetamide chelate1 mgAD0010
Tb-N1-DTA chelate1 mgAD0012
Tb-DTPA-ITC chelate1 mgAD0029

* For all other chelates, please inquire with our custom teams. Contact information is below.


DELFIA Buffers, Solutions and Standards

View our DELFIA buffers page for more information on buffer composition.

ProductSizeCatalog number
DELFIA Assay buffer50 mL1244-106
DELFIA 25X Wash concentrate250 mL1244-114
DELFIA Enhancement solution50 mL1244-104
250 mL1244-105
1000 mL4001-0010
BSA solution50 mLCR84-100
DELFIA Assay buffer, without detergents (5X concentrate)250 mLCR85-100
DELFIA Inducer250 mL4013-0010
DELFIA Enhancer50 mLC500-100
DELFIA L*R (Ligand-Receptor) Binding buffer concentrate250 mLCR134-250
DELFIA L*R (Ligand-Receptor) Wash solution concentrate250 mLCR135-250
DELFIA Research buffer set (Protein-free assay buffer and detergent-free assay buffer)250 mLCR86-100
Europium Standard solution50 mLB119-100
Terbium Standard solution50 mLC558-100
Samarium Standard solution50 mLB115-100
Fluorescein Standard solution50 mLC557-100


DELFIA microplates

Standard Coated and Uncoated Plates

ProductWell formatNumber of platesCatalog number
DELFIA yellow plate, uncoated (high-bind)96-well60AAAND-0001
1/2 AreaPlate (high-bind)96-well (Half-area)506002520
DELFIA streptavidin-coated yellow plate96-well10AAAND-0005
DELFIA streptavidin-coated clear plate96-well stripwell104009-0010
DELFIA streptavidin-coated white plate384-well10CC11-H10
DELFIA anti-mouse coated clear plate96-well stripwell104007-0010
DELFIA anti-rabbit coated yellow plate96-well10AAAND-0004
DELFIA anti-rabbit coated clear plate96-well stripwell104008-0010
DELFIA anti-sheep coated yellow plate96-well10CC33-1210

*Uncoated DELFIA plates are high-bind plates that can be used for direct plate-coating procedures (coating of your own proteins, antibodies, etc. to plate). If you need a 384-well uncoated plate for direct coating, please view our white 384-well OptiPlate HB (high bind) plates (#6005620, #6005629).

Sterile Tissue Culture-Treated Plates for Adherent Cell or Fixed-Cell Assays

ProductWell formatNumber of platesCatalog number
CulturPlate™ white TC-treated plate with lid96-well506005680
ViewPlate® (white walls, clear bottom)96-well506005181

Acrowell™ Filter Plates for Cell Membrane-based Assays and Cell Filtration Assays

Plate supplierCatalog number



ProductPiecesCatalog number
TopSeal-A, clear adhesive seal for microplates1006050185



KitSizeCatalog number
DELFIA create-your-own immunoassay kit (Eu-streptavidin)1 or 5 stripwell or half-area plates (96-well)DFA100
DELFIA create-your-own immunoassay kit (Eu-anti-mouse IgG)1 or 5 stripwell or half-area plates (96-well)DFA300
DELFIA Cell cytotoxicity kit10 plates (96-well)AD0116
DELFIA Cell proliferation kit10 plates (96-well)AD0200
DELFIA Europium labeling kit0.2 mg chelate1244-302
DELFIA Samarium labeling kit0.2 mg chelate1244-303


DELFIA accessory equipment

ProductCatalog number
DELFIA Plateshake (shakes up to 4 microplates at one time)1296-003
DELFIA Platewash (platewashing instrument)1296-026


Custom labeling services

PerkinElmer offers custom labeling services as well as custom assay development. If you are interested in having your biomolecule custom-labeled, or in custom assay development, please contact our custom teams:

ON>POINT® Custom Labeling and Conjugation Services
ON>POINT® Custom Assay Development Services