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Laboratory OEM Solutions

Laboratory OEM Solutions

Get your product to market faster with PerkinElmer

Get your solution to your customers faster with lower development costs

Every OEM project is different and has unique go-to-market requirements. Our Applied Genomics OEM team has the expertise to work with you on these requirements and develop the best solution.

Our OEM solutions include supplying magnetic beads needed for nucleic acid isolation, components for your custom NGS library, automating your complete workflow, and many more. With our diverse capabilities, we can significantly reduce your development and manufacturing costs. Whether your business needs a solution that includes a reagent, a complete kit, an OEM liquid handling workstation, or the automation of a complete workflow, we can help. We have over 80 years of experience helping bring products to market efficiently.

  • Magnetic beads
  • Automated nucleic acid purification
  • Components for library preparation
  • Reliable liquid handling
  • Custom chip fabrication and microfluidics
  • Meaningful QC
  • Workflow-oriented software protocols
  • Design and engineering support

OEM Complete Workflow Solutions

We have extensive experience working with customers and collaborators to develop complete solutions to scientific workflows. With our automated solutions for nucleic acid extraction, qualitative and quantitation nucleic acid and protein analysis, liquid handling automation, plate movement and plate handling capabilities, we can provide scientific and engineering technical expertise. You will have an ally who understands your underlying science and can deliver application and solution support for every step of your workflow.

OEM Reagents

Our OEM reagent portfolio includes reagents for cell-free DNA isolation from plasma and serum, library preparation kits and kit components, sequencing adapters, and chemagen’s novel M-PVA magnetic beads. PerkinElmer’s offerings include a number of patent-pending and patent protected kits and reagents which are available exclusively from us.

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