4 – 3 – 2 – 1 – Turbocharge! (…Your Drug Discovery with IT)
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4 – 3 – 2 – 1 – Turbocharge! (…Your Drug Discovery with IT)

August 20, 2020

Turbocharge! (…Your Drug Discovery with IT)

IT infrastructure within a pharmaceutical lab is influential in how successful data collection and transfer can be. With the knowledge that data is vital for driving successful drug discovery, your lab’s IT solutions should be used to optimize and accelerate research.

Regardless of what operating platform your lab uses, there should be documentation that details information such as physical and logistical information, data flow, interfaces with other system processes, hardware and software prerequisites, as well as security measures. Here, we’ve laid out four tips to using IT solutions as a tool for accelerating your research:

4. Prepare for cyberattacks!
Working in a research and development role within a pharmaceutical lab lends itself to having a large amount of protected health information involved. We recommend using cloud or virtualization technology, as well as investing in offline IT backup, in case of a total system loss within your lab.

3. Keep your operating system up to date!
A supported, up-to-date operating system will promote efficiency and proper data communication, but also proves beneficial to overall lab IT security. It increases the integrity of the system by keeping security patches current and improves network connectivity.

2. Use high-performing systems to reduce failures!
One of the smartest investments a lab can make is implementing a high-performing data management system that comes with a hearty support system. Underperforming systems — while frustrating — also lead to IT failures that limit productivity.

1. Keep up with technology!
Having scientists and IT on the same team is necessary for ideal productivity within the pharmaceutical lab. Having IT experts who can help staff fully understand how to utilize their equipment, or who can efficiently solve equipment problems, will limit the technological frustrations that scientists may face.

Accelerate your research with our full checklist.


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