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Embracing Innovation

March 05, 2015

Johnson & Johnson Innovation JLABS

PerkinElmer, in collaboration with Johnson & Johnson Innovation, extends a helping hand to emerging science startups

Most companies talk a good game when it comes to supporting innovation. Johnson & Johnson Innovation and PerkinElmer are actually doing something about it. They recently celebrated their collaboration at the opening of, Johnson & Johnson Innovation JLABS @South San Francisco (JLABS @SSF). It is the fourth such business incubator site in the JLABS network built over the past four years that is dedicated to providing a resource-rich business environment to emerging healthcare businesses. (Reference: Who We Are, JLABS)

The newest facility will host the research needs of startup companies. JLABS will be co-located with members of Johnson & Johnson Innovation, LLC, and the company’s venture capital arm, Johnson & Johnson Innovation – JJDC. The combination will provide access to education, expert business and operations advice, and funding sources. Administrative areas, individual benches, wet lab, and office space are also included in the agreement. Most importantly, the emerging companies will also have use of turnkey labs outfitted with state-of-the-art instruments provided by PerkinElmer and maintained by PerkinElmer’s OneSource® Laboratory Services.

Quid Pro Quo

So what is the catch? "There really is none," says Angelo Filosa, PhD., Global Head of Scientific Services at PerkinElmer, adding that the company’s lab equipment comes with no upfront costs to JLABS. Companies will only pay for what they use in a no-strings-attached incubator environment.

“We have our instruments onsite and have access to JLABS users on a regular basis,” Filosa says. “That will provide these small start-up companies with the latest technologies and services to discover and develop new therapies in an environment that will provide us with a lot of feedback on our instrument performance, services, and ways we can improve both. Seeing the JLABS collaboration as a clear sign of PerkinElmer’s ongoing support for innovation, Filosa believes the relationship with these companies will continue to grow as they move out of the incubator to establish stand-alone sites of their own.

“Since these start-ups will have the exposure and experience of working with our instruments, we are confident that they will take that along with them,” Filosa says, adding that PerkinElmer is looking forward to collaborating on future JLAB sites as well. (Reference: Angelo Filosa, interview by Peter J. Malia, PerkinElmer, Shelton, CT, January 16, 2015)

According to the agreement, JLABS @SSF residents will perform a variety of research and development activities using PerkinElmer’s advanced imaging and detection solutions for a wide range of life sciences and environmental health applications. These include: sample preparation, protein characterization, screening new drugs, performing assays for drug discovery, mass spectrometry analysis, next-generation sequencing, identifying adulterants and contaminants, and forensics testing. In addition, PerkinElmer’s OneSource® Laboratory Services team will provide on-site expertise and instrument maintenance to assist the companies with their scientific processes.


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