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Pistoia Alliance Symposium: Bioinformatics in Support of Precision Medicine

The recent Pistoia Alliance Symposium in London focused on the role of Bioinformatics in supporting Precision Medicine. There were some very interesting use cases ranging from principle concepts of bioinformatics to clinical applications to the importance of HPC and cloud for scaling up bioinformatics applications within the clinical setting.

Translational Research or Clinical Development- Data Management Reigns Supreme!

At a recent Bioinformatics Strategy Meeting in Boston, I chaired an interesting roundtable discussion on the potential convergence of translational research and clinical development.

How to Make Effective Use of Public Datasets in Oncology: Q&A With Dr. Eduardo Gonzalez-Couto

A recent review very succinctly put it that for precision medicine to achieve its aim of “the right drug for the right patient at the right time, may be possible only if the right data come to the right clinic at the right time”.

Key Challenges Associated with Translational Research Data: Let's Dig Deeper

A few weeks ago I attended the Festival of Genomics in London and amongst the various interesting topics that were discussed the age old question of biomedical data integration featured heavily and still remains a primary (or rather a priority) focus.

Pharma R&D and IT: Focus on Decision Support to maximize productivity and ROI

It’s a well-accepted truism that drug discovery is hard (only 10% of potential new drugs make it to market), expensive ($2.6B and counting), and time consuming (12 years from bench to bedside).

Faster Medical Data Review Safer Subjects.

A Medical Monitor’s top priority is to protect clinical trial subjects by monitoring safety signals in the data. To that end, what are your medical monitor’s processes and what technology are they using to ensure focused medical data review, increased subject safety, and accelerated productivity?

PerkinElmer’s ChemDraw® Donation Advances Learning in Uganda

I am an apprentice working at Lancaster University as a Chemical Engineering Technician. In this capacity I study 1 day per week as well as working as a technician at the university.

The Art of Visuals in Organic Chemistry

We live in a world of displays: on laptops, smartphones, tablets, smartwatches. These devices bring together technologies to make our lives better, but, above all, their key feature is that they’re primarily visual. Rich colors, high resolutions, and bright backlights enable an engaging experience.

Top 5 ChemDraw Time-Saving Features

Before becoming Product Manager for ChemDraw®, Pierre Morieux was working as a Field Application Scientist and conducted countless training sessions for numerous customers across the globe.

Faster insights and better science in the search for desperately needed new therapies

A recent article in Chemical & Engineering News (June 4, 2018, pp 28-33) focused on activities in immuno-oncology, where biologic checkpoint inhibitors are being tested in combination with other immunotherapies: there are currently ca. 250 small molecule- and antibody-based immunotherapies in clinical studies, and > 1100 clinical trials in 2017 combined a checkpoint inhibitor with another treatment.