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How the Indy 500 is Fast, Furious and (Fuel) Fair

When those famous words are broadcast to millions of race fans on Memorial Day, it signals the start of the annual Indy 500® race. Each of the sleek cars competing to be the first to cross over the famed “Yard of Bricks” will need to thunder around that famous oval 200 times at speeds of up to 240 mph.

Mitigating Risk During On-site Sample Testing

Wearing thick gloves and a mask over your face, you attempt to sample the illicit drug using a classic syringe and then test it in your portable GC/MS. It’s a performance art dance of gracelessness and risk.

Customer Case Study, Webinar: On-the-Spot Testing at the Races

Lubricant and fuel testing are crucial at motor races such as the International North West 200 motorcycle road race and the Italian Superbike Championship (CIV). When speed, safety, standards, and stardom are at stake, efficient and accurate testing is necessary.

Getting the Skinny on Heavy Metals in Ocean Plastic Waste

We all know the huge issue plastic is causing in our oceans today, but as it turns out this floating waste poses yet another danger: toxic heavy metals.

Cassini's Mission To Saturn Got Major Boost From PerkinElmer

PerkinElmer's role in the historic Cassini spacecraft mission to Saturn.

The Effects of Microplastics in the Great Barrier Reef

The Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS) is helping to sustain and restore damage to ecosystems due to a changing climate and microplastics contamination in the Great Barrier Reef.

Diving Head First in Water Quality: The Swimming Professor

Scientist undertakes historical assessment of the Tennessee River’s water quality with the help of PerkinElmer.

Two European Projects Trace the Fate of Nanomaterials

PerkinElmer is serving in a central role in two EU-based consortia based projects focused on tracing the fate of nanomaterials to determine their potential toxicity and impact on air, soil, and water.

Fine Dining on Microplastic

A half century after that prophetic statement, scientists and environmentalists are making another profound statement, only this time it is more ominous in nature.