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PerkinElmer Named 2014 Company of the Year

February 05, 2015

PerkinElmer Named Company of the Year

PerkinElmer Named Company of the Year

Instrument Business Outlook (IBO) named PerkinElmer its 2014 "Company of the Year." IBO is published by Strategic Directions International, Inc., an industry analyst firm focused on life science and analytical instruments, equipment, and related products.

IBO described PerkinElmer as an "industry pioneer" and "prodigious developer of advanced-technology instrumentation," selected for its "strong financial performance, market leadership, innovative product introductions and key strategic investments." The award recognizes how the Company has "led the way in adapting to the challenges and opportunities of the industry."

"[PerkinElmer is a] growing, profitable provider of advanced instrumentation with name recognition that is envied and attests to its many contributions to the industry."

- Instrument Business Outlook

"PerkinElmer is truly honored to receive this distinction for our many technological, strategic and financial achievements in 2014," said Robert Friel, Chairman and CEO, PerkinElmer. "We are committed to delivering advanced solutions and services to help customers gain critical insights, make breakthrough discoveries, and positively impact human and environmental health."

IBO cited PerkinElmer's strengths in several markets, including diagnostics (newborn and infectious disease screening in emerging markets), food testing, and environmental analysis, as key differentiators in its selection for the award. The Company's recent acquisition of Perten Instruments Group expanded its food testing technology portfolio, while its Ceiba Solutions acquisition enhanced its OneSource® Laboratory Services.


PerkinElmer’s Customer Knowledge Center in Beijing.

Several of PerkinElmer's new innovations launched in 2014 also contributed to this honor, including: the Opera® Phenix next generation confocal high content screening system, the Solaris quantitative optical molecular imaging system, and the LabChip® GX Touch and LabChip® GX II Touch automated electrophoresis systems.

IBO also described PerkinElmer as a "growing, profitable provider of advanced instrumentation with name recognition that is envied and attests to its many contributions to the industry. The Company is also quite attuned to today's market realities and continues to develop the technology solutions for humankind's most pressing requirements."

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