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Overcoming Technical Challenges in Cannabis Analysis

Dr. Kaveh Kahen, Senior Director and General Manager of Mass Spectrometry at PerkinElmer, highlights technical challenges in cannabis testing and how they can help labs in this growing industry.

How COVID-19 Is Transforming Today's Labs

Arvind Kothandaraman, PerkinElmer’s General Manager, Specialty Diagnostics, shares his thoughts on how COVID-19 will continue to transform modern laboratories in 2021 and beyond.

PerkinElmer Named to WSJ’s Management Top 250

The Management Top 250 ranking measures corporate effectiveness by examining performance in five areas: customer satisfaction, employee engagement and development, innovation, social responsibility and financial strength.

30 Years of Developments in ICP-MS

This article takes a look back on the evolution of PerkinElmer’s ICP-MS innovations for environmental testing over the past three decades up through the new NexION 5000.

An Interview on Food Trends & Solutions

Our Head of Food, Greg Sears, talks with New Food about trends in food testing and quality, as well as how PerkinElmer’s solutions can help customers meet food and cannabis regulations.

Medical Companies Enjoy a Fruitful CIIE Outing

PerkinElmer hosted an exhibit at the Chinese International Import Expo (CIIE) where industry leaders could get an in-person look at our technologies including explorer™ workstations for SARS-CoV-2 testing.

Biobanks Are Becoming Data Banks in the Era of Personalized Medicine

Carola Schmidt, Global Director of Automated Solutions at PerkinElmer, shared her insight about biobanking and how to ensure the integrity and security to standardize the procedure and implement best practices.

The Need for Precise, Accurate, and Sensitive COVID-19 Tests

PerkinElmer JANUS G3 automated liquid handlers and chemagic 360 closed loop extraction unit have helped Synergy Diagnostic Laboratory in delivering COVID-19 tests to increase the capacity to more than 1,000 tests per shift.

SEMA4 – COVID-19 Viral and Antibody Testing

James Coffin, President and Chief Operating Officer, Sema4, talks about how PerkinElmer is providing best-in-class, highly accurate PCR tests (7:40 mark).

Compliance Services for Data Integrity

Gary Grecsek, Vice President/General Manager of Global OneSource Enterprise Laboratory Services and Tony Pezzolo, Product Manager of Validation, discuss how labs can stay in the know and ahead of the curve on compliance and data integrity challenges with the help of an external, expert compliance team.

PerkinElmer Launches Solus Listeria monocytogenes ELISA Assay

Listeria carries a 20 – 30% mortality rate for those in high-risk categories so vigilant testing is important. The PerkinElmer Solus Listeria monocytogenes ELISA Assay tests both food and environmental samples and has been certified by the AOAC.

It’s Time to Embrace Whole Genome Sequencing

Madhuri Hegde, Vice President and Chief Scientific Officer at PerkinElmer Genomics, shared how recent advancements in genomic sequencing technologies are enabling simultaneous rapid analysis for large amounts of genetic information, making it easier and faster to apply these learnings to clinical care.

Piracy in the Pantry

Stefan Tordenmalm, Market Manager of Processed Food at PerkinElmer, highlights the most common types of food fraud reported by customers and how analytical chemistry helps to ensure food safety and quality.

COVID-19 Antibody Testing: S vs. N Protein

Iswariya Venkataraman, Scientific Affairs Lead at EUROIMMUN, helped us demystify the differences between the S and N proteins, whose presence indicates the immune response against COVID-19.

New COVID-19 Environmental Surface Testing Kits from PerkinElmer

Though person-to-person transmission is the primary way of spreading COVID-19, environmental surfaces should also not be neglected. PerkinElmer’s environmental testing kits help detect the virus on surfaces such as plastic, ceramic, or stainless steel.

Hand Sanitizer Analyzer Detects Methanol in 30 Seconds or Less

With COVID-19 continuing to spread and flu season on the way, methanol recalls in hand sanitizers are unwelcomed news. Helping to ensure the safety of these high-demand products, PerkinElmer launched the enhanced Hand Sanitizer Analyzer providing methanol pass/fail results in 30 seconds starting at 300 ppm.

What to Consider When Choosing a SARS-CoV-2 Detection Assay

Arvind Kothandaraman, General Manager of Specialty Diagnostics at PerkinElmer, shares seven key factors that organizations should take into consideration when choosing a new COVID-19 testing workflow.

Open Access COVID-19 Data Dashboards to Accelerate Antiviral Therapeutics Research

As global scientists work tirelessly to discover therapeutics and vaccines for COVID-19, there’s massive amounts of existing data that can be invaluable. PerkinElmer has introduced open COVID-19 Data Dashboards to help scientists easily access, analyze and gain insights from data sources.

7 Ways: Advancement in Science Could Impact Your Life

“FemTech” is a technology that addresses a variety of women’s health issues and according to Karen Madden, Ph.D., Vice President of Technology and Innovation at PerkinElmer, it is gaining more attention. She also shared insights into the Company's Vanadis non-invasive prenatal testing (NIPT) solutions.

Wales Gets National COVID-19 Testing Lab

PerkinElmer partners with Public Health Wales (PHW) to achieve the Welsh Government’s “Test, Trace, Protect” strategy by providing advanced extraction equipment and testing kits that meet the UK’s ongoing requirements.

How PerkinElmer is Helping Combat COVID-19

Amidst COVID-19, PerkinElmer is ready to support our global customers with a wide range of solutions, including detection, workflow and research.

The path to serology testing at Beaumont Health

EUROIMMUN Anti-SARS-CoV-2 ELISA testing kits are helping Beaumont Health as part of its research study demystify COVID-19 as the research expands to wider patient groups.

Identifying Food Fraud with Analytical Testing

Stefan Tordenmalm, Market Manager of Processed Food at PerkinElmer, shares his thoughts about the adulteration of olive oil, which is at high risk for food fraud. To ensure its quality, rapid testing techniques like infrared (IR) and UV-visible spectroscopy (UV-Vis) are crucial in protecting consumers./p>

PerkinElmer Expands Analysis and Automation Portfolio

Tailored for pharmaceutical, semiconductor, biomonitoring, food, materials and academia labs, PerkinElmer’s new analysis and automation solutions are designed to help streamline workflows, sharpen insights and meet regulations.

Quest Diagnostics Starts Antibody Testing for Coronavirus

To answer the need for wider COVID-19 testing in the US, EUROIMMUN, a PerkinElmer company, collaborates with Quest Diagnostics to detect immunoglobulin class G (IgG) antibodies. Quest is expected to boost testing to 150,000 a day by early May.

"Know your Career Aspirations and have a Clear Plan" #Women's Day 2020

Statistics show that women in China are more likely to be in senior leadership roles than many other Asian countries. Here Ms. Ye (Nicky) Xu, General Manager of Diagnostics at PerkinElmer Greater China shares her journey and some career, business and personal growth tips to help inspire the world’s women in science and healthcare.

Carcinogens Under the Scan

To ensure the safety of medicines, PerkinElmer offers pharma companies a comprehensive solution to detect N-nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA) impurity in ranitidine.

PerkinElmer & Emerald Scientific Collaborate

Cannabis and hemp labs need high quality, end-to-end testing and analysis solutions to keep up with growing demand and regulations. PerkinElmer is teaming up with Emerald Scientific to help.

New Technologies for Electrophoresis

PerkinElmer offers high-throughput platforms for electrophoresis-based biomolecule separation, sizing, and quantitation.

Allergen and Mycotoxin Detection

Mycotoxin testing for grains is a key step in securing global food safety. PerkinElmer’s Mark McBeath discusses best practices and innovative solutions for analysis from strips to LC-MS/MS.

New Paddy Rice Analysis Technology Unites Image and Pressure Testing

Rice is a mega-staple for global consumers and testing for rice quality is key. The newPaddyCheck testing platform speeds sample throughput, increases accuracy and allows for grain testing at the paddy stage whether in-field or in a lab.

AI Powers Advances in Preclinical Imaging Analysis

PerkinElmer is exploring the use of deep learning methods to improve analysis of image data from high content screening—in some cases, solving problems that conventional algorithms can’t.

Protecting Consumers and the Global Food Chain

Food safety is paramount. In this byline, PerkinElmer’s Greg Sears discusses advances in testing and analysis for everything from heavy metals, pesticides and mycotoxins, to foodborne pathogens and antibiotics.

DNA Testing for All?

Dr. Madhuri Hegde of PerkinElmer Genomics talks about the critical role that genetic counseling plays in consumer-initiated DNA testing today.

Reduce ELISA testing turnaround times

In this video, Justin Waldron of EUROIMMUN provides an overview of the high-capacity EUROLabWorkstation at AACC 2019.

Taking Adulteration Analysis to the Next Level

To battle food fraud, PerkinElmer’s Greg Sears and Stefan Tordenmalm explain how robust analytical and informatics solutions can detect and analyze adulterants throughout the supply chain.

Laboratory Relocation in Three Stages

Angelo Filosa of PerkinElmer OneSource explains how working with a relocation service provider can minimize disruptions to daily operations and ensure a successful lab move.

Getting to the Root of Advanced Cannabis Pesticide Testing

Today more than half of all US citizens -- and people from 44 other countries -- have access to legal medical cannabis. As this market continues to grow and becomes more mainstream, calls for regulation and the need for the cannabis industry to ensure patient and consumer safety will similarly increase.

We Have an Active M&A Pipeline to Accelerate Growth

Prahlad Singh, president and chief operating officer, shares an update on PerkinElmer's new office facility in Singapore and growing customer base throughout Southeast Asia.

PPMD Launches Pilot Duchenne Newborn Screening Program in NY

PerkinElmer is supporting the launch of Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy's (PPMD) pilot program to screen newborns in New York state for Duchenne—one of the most common forms of muscular dystrophy.

Getting Labs Ready for AI—Five Things to Consider

Researchers are looking for ways to more easily and effectively access, analyze and spotlight scientific data that is growing in volume and complexity and often dispersed across hard-to-access silos.

PerkinElmer Eyes Cannabis Market for Growth

As part of our mission to innovate for a healthier world, PerkinElmer is providing laboratories with the analytical tools needed to ensure safe, high-quality and compliant cannabis products.

Dairy Testing: Feeding Molecular Spectroscopy Demand

As with many sectors of the food market, the dairy and dairy product industry is evolving. A growing world population, rising standards of living in developing nations and increases in product variety are reshaping the industry.

Data-driven Drug Development

Drug development is facing change from both technological pressures, including the use of AI and machine learning, and new regulations, which are transforming the way electronic records are created and stored for clinical trials.

PerkinElmer Vanadis NIPT Receives CE-IVD Mark

The test, designed for noninvasive prenatal screening for trisomies 21, 18, and 13, with Y chromosome testing as an optional marker, has been validated in an external clinical study in France.

Navigating the 3Vs of Big Data: Volume, Velocity, Variety

David Wang, general manager of Informatics, explains how scientists can harness valuable information quickly to achieve better, faster outcomes—and expedite the drug discovery process—by taking "the 3Vs" into account.

Diagnosing Disease X

EUROIMMUN's Dr. Konstanze Stiba discusses the challenges associated with developing a diagnostic for "Disease X," which represents newly emerging pathogens that present a significant public health risk - with the potential for an international epidemic.

Delivering End-to-End Diagnostics Solutions

Dennis Flannelly, Vice President of PerkinElmer Diagnostics, discusses the company’s exciting new offerings at AACC 2018, including the Vanadis NIPT Solution for non-invasive pre-natal testing.

FDA clears PerkinElmer’s CLIFT lupus diagnostics

The FDA has cleared PerkinElmer’s lupus diagnostics for sale in the U.S. PerkinElmer designed the tests to run on its automated EUROPattern microscope, thereby cutting turnaround times.

Mini mass specs are still looking for an audience

Mass spectrometry is a go-to method for determining which molecules are in a sample. If security officers are faced with an unknown, possibly dangerous, substance, they don’t want to waste time sending samples to a lab and waiting for mass spec results, however. They’d rather be able to take a portable mass spec into the field to get answers quickly.

Top 10 Sequencing Companies

By 2022, the global next-generation sequencing (NGS) market has been projected to reach between $10.5 billion (BCC Research) and $12.45 billion (MarketsandMarkets), though a more cautious forecast envisions that market growing a bit more slowly, to $11.92 billion by 2024 (BIS Research).

PerkinElmer To Provide Genetic Testing for Decode Duchenne Program

PerkinElmer said today that Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy (PPMD) has selected it to provide genetic testing for its Decode Duchenne program, a no-cost testing and counseling effort for people with Duchenne who otherwise could not afford genetic analyses.

Maternal Factors, Biomarkers Improve Preeclampsia Screening

First trimester screening for pre-eclampsia (PE) can be improved using a combination of maternal factors and biomarkers, according to a study published online March 14 in Ultrasound in Obstetrics & Gynecology.

Top Instrument Firms in 2017

C&EN's ranking of scientific equipment makers reflects strong sales to a broad range of customers.

Automated Gel Electrophoresis Systems

PerkinElmer Inc. has introduced its LabChip GX Touch and GXII Touch automated electrophoresis systems. The LabChip platform’s key feature is automation of conventional gel electrophoresis, eliminating the need for manual sample preparation.

Revolutionary Robot Targets Zika Virus Cure

A collaboration between researchers from Flinders University and the University of Adelaide has used a new game-changing robot to mass-screen almost 3000 drugs to find potential treatments to help protect millions of unborn babies around the world from the presently incurable Zika Virus.

New Hope for Treating Cerebral Palsy

A new study published in Stem Cells Translational Medicine may provide new hope for families with children born with CP, and a new treatment in doctors’ regimens for treating CP.

Expert view: Innovations in 3D

Physiologically relevant models to evaluate the effects of drug candidates early in the drug discovery and development process are becoming increasingly important to develop.

PerkinElmer to Buy Germany's Euroimmun for About $1.3 Billion

The deal will expand PerkinElmer's reach into autoimmune and allergy diagnostic markets.

Stem Cells Show Promise For Treating Autism

ViaCord helped fund a small, but promising study that suggests stem cells from a child’s own cord blood may offer an effective treatment for autism symptoms.

Direct Analysis of Glyphosate in Wine

Experts describe the analysis of glyphosate in wine with no sample preparation using QSight 220 LC-MS/MS system with a ‘Stay Clean’ source.

The Rise of 3D Cell Culture Systems

The development of three-dimensional (3D) cell culture systems has greatly expanded over the past few decades.

A life-saving option

Banking your child’s cord blood could be the smartest thing you’ll ever do.

Looking for Mycotoxins in Dairy Products

If you are in the dairy business, you know the threats posed by mycotoxins, particularly aflatoxins B1, B2, G1, G2 and M1.

PerkinElmer beats 3Q profit forecasts

PerkinElmer Inc. (PKI) reported third-quarter profit of $58.1 million. The Waltham, Massachusetts-based company said it had net income of 53 cents per share. Earnings, adjusted for one-time gains and costs, were 68 cents per share.

Screening Newborn Babies for SCID

Severe combined immunodeficiency (SCID, or “bubble-boy disease”) is an inherited genetic condition resulting from a severe defect in the immune system that makes it difficult or impossible for the affected individual to fight off infections.

Beyond the Moon

The launch of a new data sharing initiative in cancer genomics has been welcomed by doctors and data scientists alike.

New Portable GC-MS System for Field Analysis

Visitors to PerkinElmer at WWEM, stand 60, will be able to find out more about the new Torion T-9 Portable GC-MS system for analyses in the field.

Securing the Global Food Supply Chain

Many of the foods and drinks we consume every day are not as safe as we think. Despite increasingly stringent safety regulations, food fraud, adulterated products, and ingredients containing harmful chemicals or pathogens continue to slip through the global safety net to sicken an estimated 600 million people every year.

PerkinElmer Beats 2Q Profit Forecasts

PerkinElmer shares have climbed 4 percent since the beginning of the year, while the Standard & Poor's 500 index has risen roughly 6 percent.

Cord blood banking remains 'personal decision'

“Donating cord blood for public use or storing it for a family’s private use is really a personal decision,” says Del Steckler, cord blood recruitment manager with Be the Match.

PerkinElmer: Risk Assessments Getting More Focused

The risk assessment of food producers is getting more focused on where in the supply chain there could be shortfalls and which techniques could be used to ensure final product safety, according to PerkinElmer.

PerkinElmer Raises 2016 Forecast After Strong First Quarter

PerkinElmer Inc bounced back from a disappointing quarter with a strong start to the year, as the scientific instruments maker reported higher-than-expected first-quarter profit and raised its full-year earnings forecast by 10 cents.

Lab Relocation: On the Move

Science is an international endeavour. What are the things to consider when relocating a lab?

Microscopy Systems Save Time

Analyze samples 100 microns or less using the Spotlight 150i and 200 Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) microscopy systems from PerkinElmer.

Data Security in a Collaborative Environment

The R&D sector is increasingly turning to collaborative, partnered and outsourced projects to boost innovation, reduce costs and help expedite development.

JLABS Opens South San Francisco Incubator, Selects First 10 Resident Companies

Johnson & Johnson Innovation— formed to catalyze R&D collaborations between regional innovators and J&J—said today it has opened its new healthcare incubator JLABS @South San Francisco (JLABS @SSF), and named the first 10 of what are planned to be 50 startups to be based there.

UHPLC Detects Chlorophenols in Drinking Water

Many chlorophenols released into the environment can seep into ground water supply, but ultra-high performance liquid chromatography can be relied on to ensure samples are safe and within EPA-regulated limits.

Tackling Big Data Generation and Usage

Making big data work in the life sciences isn’t so much a matter of “upping one’s game” as it is a matter of raising one’s expectations.

Insights on Food and Beverage Screening

To feed the world safe and consistent foods and beverages, companies need increasingly fast ways to screen products from start to finish.

Life In the Cloud

In the first of two articles about informatics software as a service, Sophia Ktori looks at the motivations for transferring to the cloud.

Insights on Food Safety

As food is raised in one spot, processed in another, and shipped around the world, it’s no wonder that food safety creates an international concern.

Top 10 Innovations 2015: Phenoptics

This year’s installment of The Scientist’s annual Top 10 Innovations competition highlights a mixture of basic research and clinical tools.

Translational Path from Bench to Clinic

Acquiring images in real time from living organisms has become indispensable in too many life-science disciplines to mention.

PerkinElmer Launches Signals™ for Translational

Co-developed with top pharmaceutical companies, PerkinElmer Signals™ for Translational is designed to help researchers easily integrate experimental and clinical data from existing proprietary databases, private and public databases such as GEO and tranSMART, and connect with other enterprise systems.

Identifying Whiskey Counterfeits

Counterfeiting of spirit brands are a major concern posing a serious health risk by providing inferior or even toxic products.

PerkinElmer Outfits New SCSU Building

A collaboration between Southern Connecticut State University in New Haven and PerkinElmer, based in Massachusetts and with offices in Shelton, is upping the school’s science presence.

Molecules Hold the Mirror Up to Cancer

The molecular processes behind cancer were once seen as through a glass, darkly. But now they are being reflected more clearly, thanks to advances in probe synthesis, preclinical cancer modeling, and multimodal imaging.

Microfluidics: Many Channels of Technological Advances

The advent of microfluidics—using “chips” containing networks of tiny channels and chambers through which minute amounts of reagents move—in biological research has enabled scientists to examine rare or precious samples.

Micro Solution to Future Developments

Since microfluidics origin, chemists and engineers have used microelectronics and analytical biochemistry concepts to generate microfluidic chips with networks of channels through which fluids move, allowing a range of analytical, synthetic and other fluidic tasks to be performed.

Molecular Pathology’s Contextual Cues

“Molecular content” is being seen as an intricate, interconnected whole, a dynamic collection of interacting parts.

Happy Birthday, ChemDraw

Like many chemists of a certain age, Derek Lowe remembers the exact moment when he learned about the chemical-structure-drawing program we now call ChemDraw.

Cell Biology Special Report: Feeling out phenotypes

Technologies such as PerkinElmer’s Opal platform and its multispectral imaging and analysis software allow researchers to multiplex immunology markers in a single assay on a single slide.

PerkinElmer joining AMRI on Buffalo biotech hub

PerkinElmer, a maker of high-tech equipment used in the pharmaceutical industry, is joining Albany Molecular Research Inc. in a new, multimillion-dollar drug development hub soon to open on the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus.

Shelton’s PerkinElmer named an Environmental Champion for efforts

PerkinElmer of Shelton has received an Aquarion Environmental Champion Award. PerkinElmer company was recognized for its environmental efforts as well as for encouraging employees to participate voluntarily internal and external environmental projects.

GEN Roundup on Kinase Assays

Kinase assays that are compatible with high-throughput screening techniques are essential.

Saving Umbilical Cord Blood

MACON, Ga- "A child with sickle cell has a lot of complications,” says Dominique Gissel. “She would have to live with it all her life.

PerkinElmer beats 1Q profit forecasts

WALTHAM, Mass. (AP) _ PerkinElmer Inc. (PKI) on Thursday reported first-quarter profit of $40.3 million. On a per-share basis, the Waltham, Massachusetts-based company said it had net income of 36 cents.

Genetic Disorder Screening System Granted Chinese Market Clearance

PerkinElmer Inc, Waltham, Mass, a global leader focused on improving the health and safety of people and the environment, recently received clearance from the China Food and Drug Administration to bring to market its genetic screening processor (GSP) and GSP neonatal hTSH reagent kit.

PerkinElmer Introduces New Liquid Scintillation Counters

For over 60 years, PerkinElmer has been providing unmatched versatility and sensitivity in radiometric detection. The new liquid scintillation counters are the most versatile, sensitive, and comprehensive LSCs on the market.

Testing for Provenance Adulteration

A report by the E.U. Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety identifies olive oil as being among the products most prone to food fraud.

Optimism Reigns Among Instrument Firms At Pittcon

Instrument firm executives at the Pittsburgh Conference on Analytical Chemistry & Applied Spectroscopy (Pittcon) this week said they want to see last year’s healthy sales pace continue into 2015.

PerkinElmer and Waters Collaborate

PerkinElmer (Massachussetts, USA) has announced that they will collaborate with Waters Corporation (Massachussetts, USA) to standardize PerkinElmer liquid chromatography (LC) and gas chromatography (GC) instrumention.

PerkinElmer Equips J&J Innovation JLABS’ Incubator

Lab solutions provider PerkinElmer Inc. announced its collaboration with Johnson & Johnson Innovation to equip its JLABS @South San Francisco (JLABS @SSF) life science incubator with instruments and lab services to address the research needs of resident startups.

PerkinElmer: Innovation for a Better Future

Operating in over 150 countries, PerkinElmer is one of the global companies listed on the S&P 500 and the Russell 3000 Indices.

Identifying risks for early onset pre-eclampsia

An interview with Morey Kraus, Chief Scientific Officer of the Diagnostics division of PerkinElmer, and Kypros Nicolaides, Professor of Fetal Medicine, King's College, London, UK.

PerkinElmer Opens Medical Lab in Suzhou

This new facility provides a comprehensive offering of lab services to hospitals and patients in China, supporting the prevention of birth defects in newborns and infectious disease in adults.

Protecting the food chain from food fraud

Food fraud is defined by the United Kingdom’s Food Standard Agency as date tampering or selling goods past their use-by date, packing and selling products with an unknown origin, deliberately mislabeling food like farmed salmon as being wild, or using stolen or poached animal meat.

Ligand-Binding Assays and the Determination of Biosimilarity

During biosimilar development, it is necessary to demonstrate that the physicochemical properties, efficacy, and safety (e.g., immunogenicity) of the biosimilar are similar to those of the targeted branded biologic.

The Clouds are Rolling in

Robert Roe investigates cloud and SaaS deployment models and the inherent flexibility and scalability they provide to users.

PerkinElmer Acquires Perten Instruments

US-based PerkinElmer, Inc. (NYSE: PKI) has completed its acquisition of Sweden-based analytical instruments supplier Perten Instruments Group AB. The deal is worth around USD 266m. Perten supplies instruments for quality control of food, grain, flour and feed.

Collaborators Seek Biomarkers to Evaluate Patient Selection for Cancer Immunotherapy

OncoSec Medical Inc, San Diego, a company developing DNA-based intratumoral cancer immunotherapies, recently announced a collaboration with PerkinElmer Inc and the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), to help researchers develop biomarker tests for evaluating a patient’s immune response to cancer.

PerkinElmer Meets 3Q Profit Forecasts

PerkinElmer Inc. (PKI) on Thursday reported third-quarter profit of $42.3 million. The results met Wall Street expectations. The average estimate of analysts surveyed by Zacks Investment Research was also for earnings of 57 cents per share.

PerkinElmer Boosts Lab IT Services with Ceiba Solutions Purchase

Ceiba’s managed services, certification, and informatics technologies will be integrated into PKI’s OneSource Lab IT portfolio, which includes lab computing, scientific application and data services, and computer systems validation.

Elements: A New Approach to Collaborative Science

Take a tour through Elements as PerkinElmer demonstrates this new platform. Share research results with colleagues globally, review comments, gather input, and explore the ways in which Elements can help you with your research effectively.

PerkinElmer Launches Optical Imaging System

Perkin Elmer has unveiled its Solaris quantitative optical molecular imaging system for use in small and large animal studies. The Solaris system can bridge molecular imaging research techniques to support potential clinical outcomes.

A Case for Co-Sourcing

After a generation of outsourcing services to lower-cost providers, smart companies now realize that they need to reassess this strategy. Outsourcing did lower costs in a time of need, but it came at a high price.

Informatics Fosters 'Science as a Service'

Several forces are bringing into focus a future that includes the democratization of data, where individuals will be evaluating, analyzing, and making decisions from an abundance of data that is delivered right into their hands.

SCID Previously Underdiagnosed in Infants with Fatal Infections

Severe combined immunodeficiency (SCID), a potentially life-threatening disorder affecting infants, is twice as common as previously believed, according to a new study that is the first to examine the impact of this newborn screening test.

Reflections on ChemDraw

ChemDraw, the software program used by chemists worldwide to draw molecular structures, was originally invented to save Dave and Sally Evans’s marriage.

Automated Gel Electrophoresis Systems

PerkinElmer Inc. has introduced its LabChip GX Touch and GXII Touch automated electrophoresis systems. The LabChip platform’s key feature is automation of conventional gel electrophoresis, eliminating the need for manual sample preparation.

Measuring Orientation in Polymer Films

The mechanical properties of polymer films such as tensile strength and resistance to tearing depend strongly on the orientation of the polymer chains.

The Revival of Environmental Instrumentation

Advances in the design of ICP-MS, triple quad LCMS, and handheld instruments give researchers the ability to detect trace-level contaminants unmeasurable in the past.

Sofie and PerkinElmer to Market Preclinical Hybrids, Biopharmaceuticals

PerkinElmer announced an agreement with Sofie Biosciences to commercialize the latter's preclinical PET, 3D CT, and X-ray systems. The partnership will be focusing on areas of research in pharmacology, oncology, immunology, cardiology and neurobiology.

PerkinElmer Launches New Version of ChemBioOffice Suite

The ChemBioDraw® Ultra program is a digital drawing tool that chemists and biologists use to create publication-ready, scientifically intelligent drawings for use in electronic lab notebooks (ELNs), databases and publications.

Innovators Honored by I.F.T.

Three industry suppliers — Arla Foods Ingredients, PerkinElmer, and Solazyme — each earned a 2014 Institute of Food Technologists Expo Innovation Award.

Labs Embrace Automated Liquid Handling

Many laboratories are realizing significant gains in efficiency, thanks to automated liquid-handling technology that delivers accurate and precise dispensing of volumes in the nanoliter range.

PerkinElmer to Help Promote Newborn Screening in Rural China

PerkinElmer will collaborate with China’s National Health and Family Planning Commission in an exclusive agreement to develop a three-year newborn screening training program to detect life-threatening disorders.

Is the End of the QC Lab and its LIMS in Sight?

In the third of his reports from the Paperless Lab Academy in Amsterdam earlier this month, Tom Wilkie asks if the end is in sight for the traditional quality control laboratory -- and the laboratory informatics software that goes with it.

New Jersey Celebrates National Pre-Eclampsia Awareness Month

Advocates for the Preeclampsia Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to reducing illness and death due to preeclampsia, will be participating in and raising money for the Foundation’s annual The Promise Walk for Preeclampsia™.

PerkinElmer Launches Innovative Atomic Spectroscopy Offerings

PerkinElmer Inc. announces the launch of the NexION® 350 Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometer (ICP-MS), its atomic spectroscopy product and Syngistix™ for ICP-MS Software, its next generation atomic spectroscopy software platform.

PerkinElmer First-Quarter Profit Tops Wall Street View

Scientific instruments maker PerkinElmer Inc. reported a higher-than-expected quarterly profit on Thursday, helped by increased demand for its medical diagnostics products and continued double-digit growth in China.

Innovative High Throughput Imaging System

The Lamina scanner is a high throughput imaging system designed to help research pathologists to more easily study protein expression and the relationships between disease markers in formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissue sections.

The Future of Forensic Science (video)

Dr. Victor Weeden, GWU Forensics Department are among the first to use mass spectrometry, a highly sensitive technology, that accurately detects trace levels of illicit substances,  staying one step ahead of drug makers and criminals.

Detecting Adulteration in Olive Oil

There is no other food quite like olive oil. There is also, apparently, no better motivator throughout history than the chance to make a quick buck.

PerkinElmer Launches Elements Platform

PerkinElmer announced that it will release a cloud-based informatics platform that will focus on operational efficiency for collaborative R&D activities.

Good Start Genetics Announces Collaboration with PerkinElmer

Good Start Genetics®, Inc. announced a strategic agreement with PerkinElmer, Inc. to expand access to GoodStart Select genetic carrier screening tests beyond the in vitro fertilization (IVF) setting to the broader women's health community.

Life-Saving Foundation Born Out of a Tragedy

Danielle, 37, and her husband Akber, 38, from Pakistan, are using their experience to help thousands of other children avoid their little girl’s fate.

Parents Bank on Cord Blood

Cord blood banking involves collecting and preserving cord stem cells, which are extracted from the umbilical cord and placenta. They can also be extracted and preserved for potential future medical use.

PerkinElmer Optimistic About 2014; EPS Forecast in Line

Scientific instruments maker PerkinElmer Inc on Thursday forecast full-year earnings in line with current Wall Street estimates and its CEO sees a rosier 2014 after a year filled with uncertainty in  the markets it serves.

Stopping to Smell the Whisky

One of the key characteristics of whisky enjoyment is the aroma from the spirit with a recently designed copita (a tulip-shaped sherry glass), having been developed to maximize this experience.

Tech Update: QA/QC Instrumentation

Whether you employ analytical instrumentation for quality or food safety or both, the type of analytical instrumentation and testing will vary based on where it’s employed in the food process.

PerkinElmer Launches GC-MS-MS System

PerkinElmer has introduced the AxION iQT GC-MS-MS system which has the identification capabilities of a triple quadruple in one instrument, according to the company.

PerkinElmer Expands Hopkinton Site, Increases Headcount in State

PerkinElmer is expanding its Center for Personalized Health Innovation in Hopkinton by more than 50 percent and upping the headcount there, saying it hopes to foster more collaboration with area biotech, pharmaceutical and academic institutions.

Preventing Economically Motivated Adulteration

Economic adulteration and counterfeiting of global food and consumer products are estimated to cost the industry $10 to $15 billion per year, according to a 2010 A.T. Kearney study.

Trace Metals Debate

In 1905, the U.S. Pharmacopeial Convention, the nonprofit standards-setting organization known as USP, introduced a method to check for heavy metals in U.S. pharmaceuticals.

Food Safety at Top of China Menu

A number of scandals has left consumers nervous about the quality of what they eat and spurred Beijing to take the matter much more seriously.