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Recent Media Coverage

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Compliance Services for Data Integrity

Gary Grecsek, Vice President/General Manager of Global OneSource Enterprise Laboratory Services and Tony Pezzolo, Product Manager of Validation, discuss how labs can stay in the know and ahead of the curve on compliance and data integrity challenges with the help of an external, expert compliance team.

It’s Time to Embrace Whole Genome Sequencing

Madhuri Hegde, Vice President and Chief Scientific Officer at PerkinElmer Genomics, shared how recent advancements in genomic sequencing technologies are enabling simultaneous rapid analysis for large amounts of genetic information, making it easier and faster to apply these learnings to clinical care.

Piracy in the Pantry

Stefan Tordenmalm, Market Manager of Processed Food at PerkinElmer, highlights the most common types of food fraud reported by customers and how analytical chemistry helps to ensure food safety and quality.

COVID-19 Antibody Testing: S vs. N Protein

Iswariya Venkataraman, Scientific Affairs Lead at EUROIMMUN, helped us demystify the differences between the S and N proteins, whose presence indicates the immune response against COVID-19.

New COVID-19 Environmental Surface Testing Kits from PerkinElmer

Though person-to-person transmission is the primary way of spreading COVID-19, environmental surfaces should also not be neglected. PerkinElmer’s environmental testing kits help detect the virus on surfaces such as plastic, ceramic, or stainless steel.

Hand Sanitizer Analyzer Detects Methanol in 30 Seconds or Less

With COVID-19 continuing to spread and flu season on the way, methanol recalls in hand sanitizers are unwelcomed news. Helping to ensure the safety of these high-demand products, PerkinElmer launched the enhanced Hand Sanitizer Analyzer providing methanol pass/fail results in 30 seconds starting at 300 ppm.

What to Consider When Choosing a SARS-CoV-2 Detection Assay

Arvind Kothandaraman, General Manager of Specialty Diagnostics at PerkinElmer, shares seven key factors that organizations should take into consideration when choosing a new COVID-19 testing workflow.

Open Access COVID-19 Data Dashboards to Accelerate Antiviral Therapeutics Research

As global scientists work tirelessly to discover therapeutics and vaccines for COVID-19, there’s massive amounts of existing data that can be invaluable. PerkinElmer has introduced open COVID-19 Data Dashboards to help scientists easily access, analyze and gain insights from data sources.

PerkinElmer, Inc. Launches AuroFlow® AQ Mycotoxin Platform

With the harvest season approaching, PerkinElmer is launching the AuroFlow® AQ Mycotoxin Platform to screen grain including corn and wheat. This new solution includes strip tests for various of mycotoxin contaminations.

7 Ways: Advancement in Science Could Impact Your Life

“FemTech” is a technology that addresses a variety of women’s health issues and according to Karen Madden, Ph.D., Vice President of Technology and Innovation at PerkinElmer, it is gaining more attention. She also shared insights into the Company's Vanadis non-invasive prenatal testing (NIPT) solutions.

Wales Gets National COVID-19 Testing Lab

PerkinElmer partners with Public Health Wales (PHW) to achieve the Welsh Government’s “Test, Trace, Protect” strategy by providing advanced extraction equipment and testing kits that meet the UK’s ongoing requirements.

How PerkinElmer is Helping Combat COVID-19

Amidst COVID-19, PerkinElmer is ready to support our global customers with a wide range of solutions, including detection, workflow and research.

The path to serology testing at Beaumont Health

EUROIMMUN Anti-SARS-CoV-2 ELISA testing kits are helping Beaumont Health as part of its research study demystify COVID-19 as the research expands to wider patient groups.

Identifying Food Fraud with Analytical Testing

Stefan Tordenmalm, Market Manager of Processed Food at PerkinElmer, shares his thoughts about the adulteration of olive oil, which is at high risk for food fraud. To ensure its quality, rapid testing techniques like infrared (IR) and UV-visible spectroscopy (UV-Vis) are crucial in protecting consumers./p>

PerkinElmer Expands Analysis and Automation Portfolio

Tailored for pharmaceutical, semiconductor, biomonitoring, food, materials and academia labs, PerkinElmer’s new analysis and automation solutions are designed to help streamline workflows, sharpen insights and meet regulations.

Quest Diagnostics Starts Antibody Testing for Coronavirus

To answer the need for wider COVID-19 testing in the US, EUROIMMUN, a PerkinElmer company, collaborates with Quest Diagnostics to detect immunoglobulin class G (IgG) antibodies. Quest is expected to boost testing to 150,000 a day by early May.

"Know your Career Aspirations and have a Clear Plan" #Women's Day 2020

Statistics show that women in China are more likely to be in senior leadership roles than many other Asian countries. Here Ms. Ye (Nicky) Xu, General Manager of Diagnostics at PerkinElmer Greater China shares her journey and some career, business and personal growth tips to help inspire the world’s women in science and healthcare.

Carcinogens Under the Scan

To ensure the safety of medicines, PerkinElmer offers pharma companies a comprehensive solution to detect N-nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA) impurity in ranitidine.

PerkinElmer & Emerald Scientific Collaborate

Cannabis and hemp labs need high quality, end-to-end testing and analysis solutions to keep up with growing demand and regulations. PerkinElmer is teaming up with Emerald Scientific to help.

New Technologies for Electrophoresis

PerkinElmer offers high-throughput platforms for electrophoresis-based biomolecule separation, sizing, and quantitation.

Allergen and Mycotoxin Detection

Mycotoxin testing for grains is a key step in securing global food safety. PerkinElmer’s Mark McBeath discusses best practices and innovative solutions for analysis from strips to LC-MS/MS.

New Paddy Rice Analysis Technology Unites Image and Pressure Testing

Rice is a mega-staple for global consumers and testing for rice quality is key. The newPaddyCheck testing platform speeds sample throughput, increases accuracy and allows for grain testing at the paddy stage whether in-field or in a lab.

AI Powers Advances in Preclinical Imaging Analysis

PerkinElmer is exploring the use of deep learning methods to improve analysis of image data from high content screening—in some cases, solving problems that conventional algorithms can’t.

Protecting Consumers and the Global Food Chain

Food safety is paramount. In this byline, PerkinElmer’s Greg Sears discusses advances in testing and analysis for everything from heavy metals, pesticides and mycotoxins, to foodborne pathogens and antibiotics.

DNA Testing for All?

Dr. Madhuri Hegde of PerkinElmer Genomics talks about the critical role that genetic counseling plays in consumer-initiated DNA testing today.

Reduce ELISA testing turnaround times

In this video, Justin Waldron of EUROIMMUN provides an overview of the high-capacity EUROLabWorkstation at AACC 2019.

Taking Adulteration Analysis to the Next Level

To battle food fraud, PerkinElmer’s Greg Sears and Stefan Tordenmalm explain how robust analytical and informatics solutions can detect and analyze adulterants throughout the supply chain.

Laboratory Relocation in Three Stages

Angelo Filosa of PerkinElmer OneSource explains how working with a relocation service provider can minimize disruptions to daily operations and ensure a successful lab move.