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Signals Notebook Resources


Electronic Lab Notebooks (ELN) were one of the first digital investments made by the scientific R&D community and with good reason. They are the connectivity linchpin across your labs - from accessing valuable external data to capturing ideas from within your teams, wherever they're located.

There’s an ELN For Everyone. Find Your Perfect Match

Additional Resources

Top Five Benefits of a Cloud ELN

Top Five Benefits of a Cloud ELN

As their experimental data becomes bigger and more complex, scientists are challenged to make discoveries faster, consistently document and analyze their work, and easily collaborate across an organization and with external partners. This whitepaper objectively examines the top five factors of a cloud ELN that meet, or exceed, the needs of R&D scientists and satisfy the IT department too.

Is Your Scientific Research Platform Helping You Make the Right Decisions?

Is Your Scientific Research Platform Helping You Make the Right Decisions

Rich scientific data should produce and organize actionable results that drive scientifically sound decisions. However, much of that data remains entombed in IT systems that block scientific outcomes. This webinar offers solutions to breaking that data free for easier and more informed decision making.