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Every Day, We Make an Impact.

PerkinElmer is a $3.8 billion global company committed to innovating for a healthier world. We create the instruments, tests and software used by scientists, researchers and clinicians to address the most critical challenges across science and healthcare.

We strategically partner with customers to enable earlier, more accurate insights, supported by deep market knowledge and technical expertise. Our dedicated team of about 14,000 employees is passionate about helping them work to create healthier families, improve the quality of life and sustain the wellbeing of people worldwide.

Through our comprehensive portfolio, we serve four market segments to help customers:


  • Test expectant mothers for pregnancy-related health risks and fetal abnormalities
  • Screen newborn babies for genetic mutations that are associated with life-threatening disorders
  • Accelerate detection of rare diseases, autoimmune disorders, allergies and infectious diseases


  • Advance innovations in cancer cells, infectious microorganisms and neurological pathways
  • Validate chemical compounds, molecular data and biomarker insights to uncover drug candidates
  • Develop more effective medicines and biotherapeutics, bringing treatments to market faster


  • Maintain safety and quality of food/beverage products by detecting fraudulent ingredients or toxins
  • Analyze cannabis and hemp for unsafe pesticide levels, harmful residues and product impurities
  • Boost crop yield and enhance plant/grain quality to maximize productivity in sub-optimal conditions


  • Ensure the air we breathe and water we drink are free of dangerous pollutants and contaminants
  • Detect and quantify concentrations of lead, heavy metals and other toxic elements in soil and water
  • Optimize performance and assure quality of industrial products (gas, biofuels lubricants, petrochemicals, polymers)

Together, we are making a difference for the better.

Last year, 35 million babies in over 90 countries were screened using PerkinElmer tests, saving the lives of more than 70 babies each day on average.

To date, more than 650 million babies have been tested for life-threatening diseases using PerkinElmer’s newborn screening tools.

220 million tons of wheat are analyzed for quality each year by PerkinElmer instruments. Our technologies can also detect food fraud in under 30 seconds.

PerkinElmer instruments test 289 billion gallons of water annually, to provide safe drinking water for more than 1 billion people, and help reduce 8 million metric tons of plastic waste from our oceans.

PerkinElmer’s EUROIMMUN business created the first commercially available serological test to detect Zika virus.

Around the world today, more than 2 million scientists are using PerkinElmer’s laboratory software to store and analyze research data and collaborate on experiments.

PerkinElmer technologies have contributed to the development of 22 novel therapeutic drugs.

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2020 Revenues

Approx $3.8 billion


About 14,000 employees worldwide


940 Winter Street
Waltham, MA 02451

Worldwide Presence

190 countries

PerkinElmer is a component of the S&P 500 Index