Core Values

Core Values

At PerkinElmer, our continuous quest to improve lives is built upon a foundation of core values that inspire action, transparency, accountability, teamwork and results. These values form the basis for decision-making and actions at PerkinElmer - both as individuals and as a company.

Better Solutions

Committed to innovation which creates value and positive outcomes for our customers. We strive to find new and contemporary ways of working to deliver the best customer solutions. Our goals are not met unless our customers are raving about our people, our solutions, and their experience.

Passion for PEOPLE

Our people are the fuel to our company’s success. We champion and celebrate both the success of our company and our people. We hire the best and create opportunities for employees to learn, grow, and have diverse careers in an engaging work environment that supports our employees’ well-being.

Us Before Me We are a TEAM

Mission and team before self. Our success is dependent upon the collective energy, authenticity, and contributions of all of us. We show up for each other every day, act with empathy, and celebrate our diversity. Our teams should be our toughest critics, biggest challengers and our loudest supporters.

Do the Right Thing ALWAYS
Guide our actions around honesty, transparency, and a commitment to aligning the interests for our customers, our team and our company. We celebrate this approach just as much as our results.

We Take Ownership and Get it DONE

Engage with urgency and agility for collective success. We are empowered to make decisions and learn from our actions to create the best outcomes. If we see an issue, we address it. We hold ourselves accountable to each other and our colleagues for our company outcomes, good or bad.