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Wine Testing Solutions

Wine Testing Solutions

The global wine industry is an established market with more than one million wine makers globally.

This broadening of geographic locations has also led to an increase in the technology used in both the manufacturing and testing of the product to ensure consistency of flavor, taste and product safety. Traceability of the wine origin is important for brand protection. Elemental profiles of wines have been shown to be specific for their geographic origin, since the levels of trace metals in wines are related to the soil in the grapevine cultivation area. One indicator of wine quality is color. Although color is mainly a quality consideration, it does also help with other issues as a change in color may indicate a fault in the process or indicate bacterial or other contamination. Moreover, it is important to make sure that grapes do not contain pesticides or fungicides, hence pesticides analysis in wine is routine. In addition to this contaminants, wine can also contain additives that can be deliberately added during production process to improve its flavor and color.

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