Visual Analytics

Scientific Data Visualization

Quickly uncover insights into your R&D data with easy to use and easy to build TIBCO Spotfire® dashboards. Whether you are a part of Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, CRO, Food & Beverage, Agriculture or Energy Industry, TIBCO Spotfire can empower your team or your entire organization to easily mine scientific and business data and gain insights, in real-time. With TIBCO Spotfire, you can Import data from disparate sources, visualize and gain insights in minutes! TIBCO

Spotfire – Data Visualization that gives you answers.

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Data Wrangling

Data wrangling and Data Preparation have emerged as key topics in the world of Information Management and Business Analytics. These terms appear frequently with little information on how to efficiently incorporate them in day today data analysis workflows. Data volumes are growing exponentially. The speed at which data crosses people's desks increases almost daily and the various types of data to be analyzed can be overwhelming. The industry has developed a powerful range of tools to store data and an equally powerful range of tools to analyze data.

TIBCO Spotfire uniquely offers inline data wrangling through a unified visual analysis and preparation interface to help you easily and rapidly clean and enrich data while performing analysis.

Leverage TIBCO Spotfire for Data Wrangling.

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Statistical Analytics

TIBCO Spotfire software helps enterprises to anticipate opportunities and risks seamlessly by integrating predictive models and real-time event streams in order to deliver the “two-second advantage.”

This software offers the best of both worlds to layperson and statistician alike: powerful predictive analytics are integrated “under the hood,” for the scientist, while statisticians can use the TIBCO Spotfire software’s broad array of cutting edge statistical analysis tools to prototype, develop and deploy new analytic applications rapidly. The predictive tools for regression modeling for simple logistics, variance comparison, and clustering including hierarchical and k-means clustering to further understand your data and analyses and make data driven decisions are available out-of the box.

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