Discover Food Safety and Quality


Virtual Reality Demo Center of Excellence for Food Testing

The new Virtual Reality Demo Center of Excellence for Food Testing is a new way of connecting with our valued customers. Our new platform combines the comfort and familiarity of visiting a physically real demo center / showcase lab which you are able to experience in three dimensions (width, depth, height) with the power of a powerful virtual reality technology platform from PerkinElmer. During our VR-Meet events, our customers can experience a full three dimensional immersive and interactive virtual reality while being physically in your own office.

Raw Milk Analyzer

It's the beginning of a new day in a rural milk collection point. The milk has already been collected from the animal, brought to the collection point and ready to be analyzed. Discover IndiScope, our new raw milk analyzer which tests samples of raw milk for quality and presence of adulterants.

Virtual Food Safety Lab

We present our new virtual Food Safety lab and explore the wide range of PerkinElmer's test kits for the detection of veterinary drug residues, natural toxins, pathogens, and a variety of contaminants found within the global food chain. Choose your matrix and perform the analysis in a guided process.

Virtual High-Volume Cannabis & Hemp Laboratory

We present our virtual high-volume cannabis & hemp laboratory environment featuring a broad range of analytical instrumental chemistry and related solutions. In this environment, PerkinElmer has created an automated workflow for pesticide residue testing solutions to comply with internal quality and regulatory standards. Together with our experts, you will be able to follow the complete workflow, from sample weighing to the COA report.