UV/Vis Consumables

Our expertise in this technology means you can rely on us. Do you need a simple accessory that provides results with a push of a button, or a high-end lamp with unparalleled sensitivity? What about flexible sample sizes and reduced sample setup time? Higher lab productivity? No problem. Our UV-Vis consumables and variety of offerings have you covered.

UV/Vis Consumables by Technology

UV/Vis Cells

PerkinElmer cells ensure top optical performance, with high cell transmission and accurate pathlength. The cell windows are fused to the bodies by a special pro ...

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UV/Vis Cell Holders and Changers

Our cells and cell holders ensure top optical performance, high cell transmission, and accurate pathlength. No matter what type of cells your application requir ...

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UV/Vis Specialty Accessories

The research Peltier range of accessories is ideal for any application that requires precise control of temperature at, below or above ambient temperature. The ...

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UV/Vis Optics

When samples are oriented and polarize incident light, it is important to correct for the inherent polarizing effect of the spectrometer’s optics by using a dep ...

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UV/Vis Reference Materials

Accelerate the calibration verification of your materials characterization instruments. Our reference materials provide you with the evidence you need to pass t ...

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UV/Vis Integrating Spheres and Supplies

Our range of snap-in integrating spheres is the industry standard for the measurement of total re ectance, diffuse reflectance and diffuse transmittance measure ...

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UV/Vis Bulbs & Lamps

Our long-lifetime deuterium and tungsten source lamps provide the best wavelength coverage across the working range of the spectrometer for consistently high pe ...

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