Translational Research Analytics

Drug development has changed. High failure rate of clinical trials needs to be addressed.

The industry is now looking towards how research techniques focusing on molecular profiles can help arrest drug failure rate as well as find better and newer indications for existing ones.

This strategy of characterizing molecular profiles using biomarkers - whether related to safety or efficacy- and applying the insights to improving patient stratification in clinical trials is increasingly becoming a common place and could vastly improve the success rate of Clinical Trials.

However, cross-pooling such data comes with its own set of unique challenges which can be hard to address within the constraints of existing IT systems- leaving a Translational scientist at a loss as to: how to access and aggregate the right data for cross-study pooling – make improved cohort selection- test their biomarker based hypotheses - enhance patient stratification – and finally improve clinical trials.

Built specifically for Translational Scientists – PerkinElmer Signals Translational is a turnkey Translational research solution that aims to remove the inefficiencies related to data access, integration, and analytics in the clinical development process - with the sole aim of improving patient stratification to enable a better outcome for Biomarker driven clinical trials.

Translational Analytics

Effectively select cohorts and enhance patient stratification for improved clinical trials, and perform exploratory analysis to test (and adapt) your Biomarker based hypothesis.

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Data Integration and Search

Universal data access and Integrated Translational Analytics to streamline cross study analysis for Stratification!

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