Transfer Membranes

Transfer membranes are used in blotting techniques as the solid phase support upon which proteins or nucleic acids are transferred from gel matrices so that detection and analysis may be performed. After size separation by electrophoresis in a polyacrylamide or agarose gel, proteins or nucleic acids are Immobilized on a solid matrix membrane, facilitating the detection of specific proteins or nucleic acids using antibodies directed against the target of interest. 


To ensure quality detection, we provide high-performance membranes for your blotting and other applications:

  • Nylon membranes for nucleic acid binding (Northern and Southern blotting)
  • Nitrocellulose membranes for high protein binding capacity and high retention of small proteins in Western blotting

Explore Our Transfer Membranes

  • Nitrocellulose transfer membrane for protein binding
  • Protran 100% pure nitrocellulose membranes, with no cellulose acetate added, ensure the highest binding capacity possible
  • Neutral nylon transfer membrane for nucleic acid binding
  • Ideal for chemiluminescent and chromogenic Northern and Southern blotting applications
GeneScreen  Plus
  • Positively charged nylon transfer membrane for nucleic acid binding
  • Ideal for radiometric assays



Products & Services (18)
  • Northern blotting (10)
  • Southern blotting (10)
  • Western blotting (8)
Product Brand Name
  • GeneScreen (10)
  • Protran (8)
Detection Method
  • Chemiluminescent (12)
  • Chromogenic (12)
  • Radiometric (6)
  • Roll (8)
  • Sheet (10)

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