Thermomechanical Analysis (TMA)


Detect the thermal expansion and glass transition at the root of mechanical failure. The rugged and easy-to-use design of our thermomechanical analysis (TMA) systems uses both electronics and a unique Archimedean float system to control the probe, allowing precise determination of coefficients of thermal expansion (CTEs) and of transitions.

  • Optimal performance in the industry for measuring CTEs
  • Pinpoint the precise glass-transition temperature where softening of materials begins and stress relief effects are likely to occur
  • Identify the point at which delamination is likely to begin
  • Measure for expansion, compression, flexure, extension, and volumetrics (dilatometry)

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  • Over 100 (1)
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  • AD 6000 (1)
  • AD-4 (1)
  • Diamond TMA (2)
  • Differential Scanning Calorimeter (DSC) (7)
  • Provectus 6500 (1)
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  • TMA4000_Silhouette_wNameplate_320px

    TMA 4000 Lab System, 100-230V

    The PerkinElmer TMA 4000 is a uniquely designed thermomechanical analyzer (TMA) designed for optimal performance in measuring the coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) in materials.
  • Drain Tubing for Plasma 400

    This clear Drain Tubing is used for the Plasma 400 ICP-OES series instrument. It is designed for aqueous solutions.

    List Price : 10.00 USD
  • Aluminum Oxide Powder.

    Aluminum Oxide is an optional sample preparation powder that protects against samples sticking to a sample holder. Qty. 1 oz.

    List Price : 54.00 USD
  • PerkinElmer

    Alumina Sample Stage for Diamond TMA high temp. Furnace

    Set of 5, diameter 15mm, for Expansion Alumina Measuring System
    List Price : 800.00 USD
  • PerkinElmer
    List Price : 1726.00 USD
  • PerkinElmer

    Standard Sample Pan Crimper Head - Replacement

    This replacement Crimper Head is a replacement part for the Standard Sample Pan Crimper Press (02190048). With this part number, you can purchase a crimper head as a replacement or spare.

    List Price : 412.00 USD
  • Standard Stirrup Kit - Qty. 2

    The Standard Stirrup Kit includes two matched stirrups consisting of a hook, stirrup ring, and frame designed to support a sample pan sitting inside the stirrup ring. These stirrups are used with the Provectus 6500 Ultramicrobalance and ship with the Provectus 6500 Installation Kit.

    List Price : 202.00 USD
  • TMA Compression Probe, 1.5 mm Radius Spherical Tip

    PerkinElmer's quartz probes are manufactured to extremely high tolerances to ensure the most accurate analysis data from your instrument.
    List Price : 571.00 USD
  • Quick Press Spacer Die - Qty. 1

    The Quick Press Spacer Die is a spool-like, stainless steel rod, approximately 7/8 in high with a diameter of 0.875 in. It is a component of the Quick Press and is used to seal large volume stainless steel capsule. Qty. 1

    List Price : 159.00 USD
  • 02190041

    Sealing Insert for Standard Aluminum Pans

    The Sealing Insert for Standard Aluminum Sample Pans is one of the interchangeable inserts required by the Universal Crimper Press (B0139005). With this insert, you can crimp standard pans such as the Standard Aluminum Pans and Covers (02190041). Qty. 1

    List Price : 434.00 USD
  • List Price : 248.00 USD
  • Tare Weight Set

    The Tare Weight Set consists of 12 stainless steel, flat body weights, ranging from 1 to 500 mg. Each weight is labeled with its weight value. Weight values meet ASTM 6 Class tolerances. This set also includes a set of forceps. This set can be ordered separately using this part number.

    List Price : 63.00 USD
  • PerkinElmer

    Extension Kit

    The Extension Kit includes sample tube and probe extension clamps, sample load fixture and autozero standard. It supports distortion studies of drawn, spun, and cast fibers and films.

    List Price : 2907.00 USD
  • Split Ferrule

    Included in DMA 7/DMA 7e Large Adjustable 3-Point/4-Point Bending Kit (P/N N5390478)
    List Price : 29.00 USD
  • List Price : 77.00 USD
  • Autosampler Crimper Accessory Kit

    The Autosampler Crimper Accessory Kit supplies the inserts and sample handling supplies used by the Universal Crimper Press (B0139005) to crimp autosampler pans.

    List Price : 578.00 USD
  • Aluminum Flat Pans, Pkg. 20

    These aluminum flat pans are for the standard stirrup kits used on the AD-4, AD 6000 and the Provectus 6500 microbalance for weighing samples.
    List Price : 38.00 USD
  • Large Volume Stainless Steel Capsule Kit

    This kit includes Quick Press (09908467), Quick Press Spacer Die (03191047), 1 pair of guard Ring Inserts (03190236), and 20 of each Pan, Cover and O-Ring (03190218). Pans can withstand an internal pressure of 24 bar, which allows water samples to be heated higher than 100 °C. Each pan has an operating range of -40 °C to 300 °C, unless otherwise limited by the sample vapor pressure.
    List Price : 2208.00 USD
  • PerkinElmer

    Manual Crimper

    This sealer is capable of sealing both crimped pans and hermetic sealed pans . The die that is supplied can seal both of these, one side for crimped, the other for hermetic. Includes Hermetic Die N5356032 Stage N5356035 and Extruding Rod N5356033
    List Price : 8300.00 USD
  • PerkinElmer

    Sealing Insert for Volatile Sample Pans

    The Sealing Insert for Volatile Sample Pans is one of the interchangeable inserts required by the Universal Crimper Press (B0139005). With this insert, you can crimp vented or pierced pans such as Aluminum Pans and Covers (N5190788). Qty. 1

    List Price : 363.00 USD
  • PerkinElmer

    Sealing Insert for Autosampler Sample Pans - 10, 30, and 50 µL

    The Sealing Insert for 10µL, 30µL and 50µL Autosampler Sample Pans is one of the interchangeable inserts required by the Universal Crimper Press (B0139005). With this insert, you can crimp hermetically-sealed or volatile pans, such as Autosampler Pans and Covers (B0169319).

    List Price : 79.00 USD
  • Calibrating Weight - Class 1.1, 100 mg

    The Class 1.1 Calibrating Weight is 100 mg, per ASTM E617. It is used to calibrate the PYRIS 1 TGA Standard and High-Temperature instruments.

    List Price : 538.00 USD
  • PerkinElmer

    Flexure Analysis Kit

    The Flexure TMA Analysis Kit consists of the three-point flexure probe, a deflection platform, and an instruction manual. This kit ships standard with the TMA 4000 Advanced Analysis Kit (L8040202).

    List Price : 241.00 USD
  • Quick Press

    Included in the Large Volume Stainless Steel Capsule Kit (P/N 03190021).
    List Price : 1527.00 USD
  • PerkinElmer
    List Price : 232.00 USD
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