Target Discovery


Accurately identify disease-relevant targets and thoroughly validate each one to ensure downstream success in your drug development.

  • Our phenotype-oriented target identification and validation techniques enable direct correlations between genetic alterations and disease phenotypes, reducing the risk of failures at early stages
  • When combined, our in vitro and in vivo methods provide the most accurate prediction of target relevance in human disease
  • Cellular imaging for in vitro target validation
  • In vivo imaging for target discovery
  • Allow for capture and analysis of all experimental data via our electronic laboratory notebook and data analytic solutions to transform big data into bigger results

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  • Accessories (33)
  • Consumables (4)
  • Instruments (11)
  • Reagents (107)
  • Software and Informatics (3)
  • Drug Discovery & Development (28)
  • Mobility Shift (36)
Therapeutic Area
  • Angiogenesis (2)
  • Cancer (1)
  • Cardiovascular (8)
  • CNS & Neurologic (10)
  • Inflammation (8)
  • Metabolic Disorders (8)
  • Pain (3)
Product Brand Name
  • EnSight (1)
  • EnVision (1)
  • FMT (1)
  • IVIS (6)
  • LabChip EZ Reader (49)
  • NEN Radiochemicals (50)
  • Operetta (28)
  • Operetta CLS AND Opera Phenix (7)
  • Quantum (1)
  • Victor (1)
Detection Method
  • Absorbance (3)
  • Alpha (2)
  • Fluorescence (3)
  • Fluorescence Polarization (2)
  • Image-based Cytometry (1)
  • Luminescence (3)
  • Radiometric (59)
  • Time-Resolved Fluorescence (TRF) (3)
Receptor Type
  • Free Fatty Acid (5)
  • Histamine (4)
  • Inositol Triphosphate (1)
  • IRK channels (2)
  • Nicotinic (1)
  • Organic zwitterions/cation transporters (OCTN) (1)
  • Phosphatidylcholine Transfer Protein (PCTP) (1)
  • Prostanoid (3)
  • TRP Channels (2)
Sample Type
  • Enzyme (38)
  • C-14 (23)
  • H-3 (36)
  • 14C (23)
  • 3H (36)
Label Position
  • Nominally Labeled (9)
  • Specifically Labeled (40)
  • Uniformly Labeled (11)
Automation Compatible
  • Yes (2)
  • 0.05 mCi/mL (2)
  • 0.1 mCi/mL (7)
  • 0.55 mCi/mL (2)
  • 1 mCi/mL (19)
  • 1.0 - 10 mCi/mL (5)
  • 5 mCi/mL (1)
  • <1.0 mCi/mL (15)
  • <1.0 µCi/mL (1)
Imaging Modality
  • microCT Imaging (2)
  • Optical Imaging (7)
Model Compatible With
  • Opera Phenix Plus (1)
  • Operetta (29)
  • Operetta CLS AND Opera Phenix (8)
  • 0-50 (23)
  • 51-100 (1)
  • 201-250 (15)

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  • IVIS Lumina HT High Throughput Benchtop 2D Optical Imaging System

    IVIS® Lumina III In Vivo Imaging System

    The IVIS® Lumina Series III brings together years of leading optical imaging technologies into one easy to use and exquisitely sensitive bench-top system.
  • IVIS Lumina XRMS 2D Optical Imaging System with Integrated X-ray

    IVIS Lumina XRMS In Vivo Imaging System

    Industry leading Fluorescence, Bioluminescence and X-Ray Imaging - All-In-One benchtop instrument! The IVIS® Lumina XRMS (x-ray multi-species optical imaging system) adds to the versatility of the IVIS Lumina XR by offering the flexibility to image large animals up to 500 grams with precise optical and X-Ray overlay.
  • EnSight Multimode Plate Reader

    EnSight Multimode Plate Reader

    The EnSight multimode plate reader offers HTS Alpha, Ultra-sensitive Luminescence and fast well-imaging technologies alongside conventional multimode detection technologies. Imaging & online data analysis is fast: a 384-well plate can be imaged in less than 5 mins. The system’s modular design, combined with workflow-based Kaleido data acquisition & analysis software, gives a truly versatile plate reader that gets users productive quickly.
  • IVIS-SpectrumCT-Hero

    IVIS® SpectrumCT In Vivo Imaging System

    The IVIS® SpectrumCT preclinical in vivo imaging system expands upon the versatility of the IVIS Spectrum by offering 2D and 3D imaging capabilities but includes integrated low-dose microCT ideal for longitudinal studies. The system provides researchers with greater insights into complex biological systems by enabling simultaneous molecular and anatomical non-invasive imaging in animal models.
  • EnVision 2105 multimode plate reader

    EnVision Multimode Plate Reader

    The EnVision® 2105 multimode plate reader provides exceptional speed, ultra-high throughput, and maximum sensitivity across all detection technologies. Tried and tested, the EnVision microplate reader gives you robust performance and reliable data for high throughput screening, time after time.

    The EnVision 2105 model delivers even higher sensitivity for time-resolved fluorescence (TRF) applications, and the Enhanced Security software option includes tools to facilitate 21 CFR Part 11 compliance for integration into regulated environments (GxP).

  • Quantum GX2 microCT imaging system

    Quantum GX2 microCT Imaging System

    Image beyond bone – into oncology, cardiovascular and pulmonary diseases, and much more, with the Quantum GX2 microCT imaging system. With the Quantum GX2, flexibility is key. Combining the ability to perform high speed, low dose scans, ideal for longitudinal studies, across multiple species (mice, rats, rabbits) with high resolution ex vivo scanning, the Quantum GX2 microCT imaging system offers the flexibility and performance you need to not just image, but further understand your disease models.
  • SpectrumBL-CU-Hero

    IVIS® SpectrumBL High-Throughput In Vivo Optical Imaging System

    The IVIS® SpectrumBL is an advanced high-throughput 2D and 3D optical imaging system designed to improve quantitative outcomes of bioluminescent, chemiluminescent and Cerenkov in vivo imaging.
  • VictorX_ImageA_320px

    VICTOR Multilabel Plate Reader

    The VICTOR Multilabel plate reader has been replaced by the VICTOR Nivo multimode plate reader. Please contact your local representative for further information, or visit the VICTOR Nivo product page (Part Number - HH35000500).
  • Spectrum-CU-Hero

    IVIS Spectrum In Vivo Imaging System

    The IVIS® Spectrum in vivo imaging system combines 2D optical and 3D optical tomography in one platform. The system uses leading optical technology for preclinical imaging research and development ideal for non-invasive longitudinal monitoring of disease progression, cell trafficking and gene expression patterns in living animals.
  • IVIS Lumina HT High Throughput Benchtop 2D Optical Imaging System

    IVIS® Lumina LT In Vivo Imaging System

    The IVIS® Lumina LT Series III pre-clinical in vivo imaging system offers the industries most sensitive benchtop platform at an entry level price.
  • FMT In Vivo Imaging Instrument

    FMT 1000 In Vivo Imaging System

    The FMT® 1000 is an entry level 3D fluorescence tomographic system with the ability to quantitate a single fluorophore at a time.
  • Adenosine 5 Triphosphate 250 µCi

    Glutamine, L-[3,4-3H(N)]

    L-glutamine, labeled with tritium at C3, C4. 3H-L-glutamine is commonly used in glutamine uptake and amino acid turnover studies.
    Price Range : 601.00 USD - 1061.00 USD
  • PerkinElmer

    ProfilerPro Kinase Peptide Substrate 33, for LabChip EZ Reader

    Fluorescently-labelled peptide substrate 33 for kinase assays (inhibiton, target discovery, lead optimization)
    List Price : 780.00 USD
  • Diclofenac sodium- Phenylacetic acid C14

    Malonyl Coenzyme A, [Malonyl-2-14C]

    Malonyl coenzyme A, labeled with C-14. 14C-malonyl CoA is commonly used in fatty acid synthesis studies.
    List Price : 2150.00 USD
  • Adenosine 5 Triphosphate 250 µCi

    Acetyl Coenzyme A, [Acetyl-3H]

    Acetyl-CoA, labeled with tritium. 3H-acetyl-CoA is commonly used in acetyltransferase assays.
    Price Range : 1274.00 USD - 2516.00 USD
  • Adenosine 5 Triphosphate 250 µCi

    Leucine, L-[4,5-3H]

    Leucine (abbreviated as Leu or L) is an essential amino acid is used in metabolism studies.
    Price Range : 1373.00 USD - 5000.00 USD
  • Adenosine 5 Triphosphate 250 µCi

    Retinol, [11,12-3H(N)]-, 250µCi (9.25MBq)

    250 μCi quantities of [11, 12-3H(N)]-Retinol are available for your research.

    List Price : 9500.00 USD
  • Adenosine 5 Triphosphate 250 µCi


    L-methionine, labeled with tritium on the methyl group. 3H-L-methionine is commonly used in methionine metabolism and amino acid uptake studies.
    Price Range : 401.00 USD - 1932.00 USD
  • Adenosine 5 Triphosphate 250 µCi

    Oleic Acid, [9,10-3H(N)]

    Oleic acid, labeled with tritium. 3H-oleic acid (oleate) is commonly used in lipid metabolism studies.
    Price Range : 564.00 USD - 1185.00 USD
  • Adenosine 5 Triphosphate 250 µCi

    L-[3,4,5-3H(N)]-Leucine, Aqueous Sol, Specific Activity: 100 to 150 Ci/mmol (3.7 to 5.56 TBq/mmol)

    L-leucine, nominally labeled with tritium at C3, C4, C5. 3H-L-leucine is commonly used in leucine metabolism and protein synthesis studies.
    Price Range : 1535.00 USD - 5300.00 USD
  • Diclofenac sodium- Phenylacetic acid C14

    L-α-DiPalmitoyl-Phosphatidylcholine, [DiPalmitoyl-1-14C]

    L-α-DiPalmitoyl-Phosphatidylcholine, labeled with C-14. 14C-phosphatidylcholine (14C-dipalmitoyl PC) is commonly used to label lipids and liposomes, as well as for lipase assays.
    Price Range : 1550.00 USD - 3910.00 USD
  • Adenosine 5 Triphosphate 250 µCi

    Arachidonic Acid, [5,6,8,9,11,12,14,15-3H(N)]

    Arachidonic acid, labeled with tritium. 3H-arachidonic acid is commonly used in arachidonic acid release assays and fatty acid metabolism studies.
    List Price : 1212.00 USD
  • PerkinElmer

    ProfilerPro Kinase Selectivity Assay Plate Kit 9, for LabChip EZ Reader

    Kit consist of matched pairs of 384-well kinase-assay and substrate plates. Each assay plate contains 24 different predispensed frozen kinases. Substrate plates contain the appropriate fluorescent labeled peptides and ATP.
    List Price : 1685.00 USD
  • Adenosine 5 Triphosphate 250 µCi

    Triolein, [9,10-3H(N)]

    Triolein, labeled with tritium. 3H-triolein is commonly used in fatty acid absorption, distribution, and lipolysis studies.
    Price Range : 999.00 USD - 3012.00 USD
  • Diclofenac sodium- Phenylacetic acid C14

    Alanine, L-[14C(U)]

    L-alanine, uniformly labeled with C-14. 14C-L-alanine is commonly used in alanine metabolism studies and studies of protein synthesis, particularly in soil organisms.
    Price Range : 932.00 USD - 2768.00 USD
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