Single Cell Processing

There are multiple steps to single cell RNA sequencing (scRNAseq), the collection of single cells, processing those cells into NGS libraries, sequencing, and analysis. The second step, the processing those cells into high-quality NGS libraries can be challenging. The HIVE™ single cell processing solutions have optimized these steps to simplify the process.

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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  • HIVE scRNAseq Starter Bundle

    Includes Index Plate, HIVE Accessories, Cell Surrogates, Molecular Controls, Vacuum Kit (not pictured), Plate Kit (not pictured), Lysis Boxes (not pictured).
    List Price : 2501.00 USD
  • HIVE scRNAseq Index Plate

    This Index Plate, in combination with the HIVE scRNAseq Processing Kit, is required for the complete construction and multiplexing of single-cell libraries.
    List Price : 515.00 USD
  • HIVE scRNAseq Processing Kit

    The HIVE scRNAseq Processing Kit is required to process cell-loaded HIVE Collectors from the HIVE Sample Capture Kit and construct single cell RNA-seq libraries for 8 samples
    List Price : 6200.00 USD