Single Cell Collection

The collection of high-quality single cells is the critical first step in the scRNAseq workflow. This collection must be fast, effective, and gentle to maintain the native expression profiles.

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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  • HIVE scRNAseq Complete Kit

    The  HIVE scRNAseq Complete Kit is the combined HIVE Sample Capture and HIVE Processing Kits for the capture, processing, and library prep of single-cell samples using the HIVE device and corresponding reagents.
    List Price : 9900.00 USD
  • HIVE scRNAseq Sample Capture Kit

    The  HIVE scRNAseq Sample Capture Kit contains 8 HIVE Devices for capture of single-cell samples.
    List Price : 4627.00 USD