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There are a plethora of electronic lab notebooks (ELN) available on the market. With so many choices it can be confusing to know how to pick the right ELN for your organization. Here’s our top tips for selecting an ELN and why you should pick Signals Notebook, the cloud-native lab notebook.

PerkinElmer Signals Notebook allows you to achieve meaningful scientific breakthroughs by keeping track of material evidence – faster, smarter, and easier.

Signals Notebook provides you with an effective scientific research data management solution, where you can write up your research data in notebooks and experiments, drag & drop, store, organize, share, find and filter data with chemical ease.

Some of the features include:

  • Create or attach your Office documents with your experiments, directly update them by choosing either Office or Office Online
  • Electronically record and store scientific data, so you can be more effective, reproducible, and accurate and rely on Signals Notebook to find it again quickly
  • Express your chemistry ideas using the market leading chemistry application, ChemDraw, available with no additional install.
  • 100% web-based. No software to download, no hardware to buy, or IT assets to maintain. Click and Go!
  • Connect with colleagues and collaborators anywhere in the world. Start discussions, give feedback, coordinate follow-on experiments, and stay in sync

Reduced Hassle for IT

Because Signals Notebook is software-as-a-service there’s no need to:

  • Buy hardware or install software – be globally enabled in no time
  • Worry about timely and costly upgrades – PerkinElmer releases updates roughly every 3-6 weeks with additional functionality. See What's New
  • Spend time and resources on maintenance

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Return on Investment

A laboratory notebook must provide a swift return on investment. Here are some of the ways Signals Notebook helps make the business case compelling:

  • Enhanced R&D productivity and cost effectiveness, as much as 7.5% per user per year
  • A 25% improvement in proving your intellectual property rights
  • The ability to file more patents by taking advantage of high-quality scientific data, entered in a compliant way
  • Saving 8-10 hours of a user’s time per week for savings of 10% of the annual FTE-rate

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Can you count on your lab notebook provider to always be there for you? Signals Notebook is developed by PerkinElmer, an industry leader with a rich heritage of scientific innovation for 80 years.

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This document describes the supported and qualified software components to seamlessly use Signals Notebook application. It also describes the minimum and recommended hardware components required to access Signals Notebook application.

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